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  • An unexpected phenomenon, more and more dentists are taking over TikTok and have their subscribers in the hundreds of thousands.

  • In addition to the various challenges that punctuate the life of the social network, health professionals also provide advice to Internet users.

  • "When I see articles that say to brush your teeth with lemon or honey, I have to intervene," proclaims the_tiktokdoc, followed by nearly 900,000 fans.

Sometimes there are TikTok phenomena that we don't see coming.

Between two scrolls among a video of a cooking recipe and that of a magic trick, we will remember this young man in a blue blouse carrying out the last challenge of the moment.

A priori, nothing abnormal until we see more and more doctors taking over the application.

Over time, it has become common to come across dentists, sometimes still students and from all over the world, carving out a place of choice among the most viral videos on the platform.

TikTokers like the others

After all, nothing prevents dentists from dancing to the hottest sounds of the day like millions of people across the globe do on the app.

On the other hand, the blouse amazes instantly and also probably contributes to the success of doctors on TikTok.

According to a Doctolib survey published in 2017, 51% of women and 48% of men find medical professionals attractive.

Among the criteria that make them crack, 64% men evoke the white coat and uniform.

An essential asset that allows them to stand out in a landscape where everyone faces the same challenges on the same songs.

And then, of course, there is the physical criterion, almost essential to accumulate millions of views.

"He descales my mouth when he wants", "he removes as many cavities as he wants", can we read in comments under the videos of Garrett Hawley, American student in dentistry who exceeds five million " like ”on his profile.

Feeding the fantasy of the dentist in work clothes is good, but when he also displays abs on video, it's better.

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An influence well put to use

The French dental surgeon the_tiktokdoc, he registered on the platform during the first confinement, during the days of on-call during which few patients came for treatment.

Less than eight months after his arrival on the social network, his subscriber count is close to 900,000.

According to this practitioner, who mixes videos of his private life with prevention messages, TikTok allows him "to demystify the white coat side which often scares patients a little, to break the barrier between doctors and patients.

The result seems to pay off when subscribers tell him to be "less reluctant to consult their dentist" thanks to his videos.

The_tiktokdoc, unlike his American counterparts, does not show his muscles to his followers, but prefers to tell anecdotes or shoot videos in the company of his friends.

On the other hand, what brings him closer to other dentists at TikTok is his willingness to share dental prevention messages.

“As my job is part of me, I feel the duty to warn my subscribers about all the bad information circulating on the networks.

For example, when I see articles that say to brush your teeth with lemon or honey, I have to intervene!

», He explains.

When he puts on his medical cap on the social network, the dental surgeon takes the time to educate his audience about the importance of regular consultations or the painless nature of the fitting of dental braces for the youngest.

The age of dentists' audience on the application also guides their prevention messages.

Countering the dangerousness of virality

Regularly, trends appear on TikTok.

Recently, some Internet users have advised themselves to trim their teeth using a nail file for more symmetry or to glue dental veneers for more whiteness.

An aberration for medical professionals who speak on the platform to denounce these dangerous practices.

"Some videos made by completely unconscious young people, who remove their braces themselves with DIY pliers for example, sometimes go viral, with millions of views," relates the_tiktokdoc.

I find it good that a tiktoker is a health professional who can take care of giving information in accordance with the data acquired from science.


Now, the dental surgeon is also exported to Instagram and collaborates with



, an information site for which he produces popular medical videos.

No need to be afraid to go to the dentist, it is now he who comes to you.

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