Comedian Kim Dae-hee recreated the popular section of'Gag Concert''I Need a Conversation' on a personal YouTube channel and received a hot response.

On the 13th, Kim Dae-hee uploaded a video titled'[Bapmookja] My wife who left the house has returned after a year (feat. Shin Bong-seon)' on her YouTube channel'Kon Dae-hee'.

In the video, Kim Dae-hee and Shin Bong-sun reproduced the popular section of the KBS2 comedy program'Gag Concert','I Need a Conversation'. Hugged.

In particular, Shin Bong-seon's speech that he did not know where he would bounce was attracting attention. When Kim Dae-hee condemned his wife Shin Bong-seon, saying, "After one year, you have been very sophisticated. She answered, “I'm a rapper,” and gave a reverse laugh. She played two roles in one person, moving between her daughter and her mother.

Shin Bong-seon and Kim Dae-hee, who showed off their expert gag feelings, laughed when referring to Jang Dong-min who appeared together in'I Need a Conversation'. The stone terror incident that occurred was pleasantly mentioned.

Many netizens who missed the'Gag Concert', which was abolished in June, responded hotly to the video with comments such as "It's funny to see two people sitting at the table" and "This is the first time I see such a natural conte." Has reached the top video rankings with over 2 million views in two days of release.

In addition, he raised expectations by notifying that Dae-hee Kim will release the series of'Bapmookja' on his YouTube channel in the future.

Netizens followed by comments such as "I know how much Gakcon was loved by the number of video views", "Everyone was missing", and "I need a program like a gag concert" to the terrestrial gag program, which is in fact extinct. I conveyed my longing. 

(Photo = YouTube'Kon Dae-hee')

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