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  • "20 Minutes" has selected four gift ideas to fill Santa's basket while keeping the Riviera economy running.

  • The Comté beer reinvented, the pretty pastries from the Gusto family, the chic and warm plaids from Plaidissimo and the eco-friendly coffee machine from Malongo are on the program.

Storm Alex, containment and restrictions linked to the Covid-19 epidemic ... In the valleys or on the coast, 2020 will not have spared local commerce.

So as the holidays approach, the idea of ​​offering (and receiving) gifts made in the Côte d'Azur may be all the more attractive.

Pleasure yourself, quite simply, but also put your stone in the building of a hard hit economy.



delivers its list to Santa Claus on the Riviera.

Comté beer reinvented

Devastated by storm Alex, the Saint-Martin-Vésubie brewery, which produces “Comté beer”, had to find a solution without the Mercantour spring water.

While waiting to be able to reinvest in the village, within a year if all goes well, "we have resumed brewing with our colleagues Blue Coast in Nice-Saint-Isidore and Les Ligures in Peille", explains Edwards Dilly.

"We make our new beer" Mounta Cala "there, available in blond and amber," explains the managing director of the company.

To be consumed in moderation at home, the bottle will be offered during the week at 2.80 euros in many points of sale (full list on and online.

The pretty pastries of the Gusto family

To diversify during the restrictions linked to confinement, the four Nice restaurants of the "Gusto family" (Boccaccio, Voglia, Favola and Le Galet) have launched an online sales site.

With, in particular, a selection of logs (including the "Mercantour" with chestnuts) and other pastries that will make a good impression on New Year's tables.

From 11 euros on the site.

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The chic and warm plaids of Plaidissimo

Launched in Nice in 2016, Nadezda Yapaeva's company has made a specialty of offering tailor-made cocooning.

The founder of this online store has also developed a range of “coarse mesh” plaids made in the Alpes-Maritimes, and more precisely knitted in Cagnes-sur-Mer.

This luxury version, made with Australian merino wool and available in seven colors and two sizes, is sold from 319 euros each.

Malongo's eco-friendly coffee machine

The Carros-based coffee house offers a brand new machine designated on the Côte d'Azur and made in France (in Vendée).

EK'OH, as its name suggests, is an “eco-responsible” machine.

How? 'Or' What ?

By being "energy efficient, recyclable, eco-designed and easily repairable," says the brand.

It is available in many colors from 150 euros in stores in Nice and Cap 3000 and on

Its pods are roasted and packaged in Carros.


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