The price of "Echizen crab" landed in Fukui prefecture is soaring due to the increase in tourists due to "Go To Travel".

Under these circumstances, local governments in Fukui Prefecture, which use Echizen crab as a return item for hometown tax payment, may exceed the national standard that "the price of the return item is up to 30% of the donation amount", and the donation amount that can receive Echizen crab. We are taking an unusual measure to raise the price.

The snow crab "Echizen crab" landed in Fukui prefecture was lifted from fishing last month, and is gaining popularity as a return item for hometown tax payment in coastal cities and towns in Fukui prefecture.

However, the price of Echizen crab soared due to the increase in tourists due to "Go To Travel", and the male who was about 7600 yen per kilo at the same time last year was about 1 this season as of the end of last month. The price has increased by about 46% to 11,100 yen, and the price of females has also increased by 18%.

On the other hand, since the price of hometown tax refunds is set by national standards up to 30% of the donation amount, two male Echizen crabs rushed from the end of last month because there is a risk that they will exceed the standard in Echizen Town. The donation amount for the set of reward items has been increased from 45,000 yen to 20,000 yen to 65,000 yen.

In addition, Fukui City and Echizen City have also raised the donation amount when using Echizen crab as a reward.

Tomohiro Ienobu, chief of the Planning and Finance Division of Echizen Town, said, "There is no example of a change in the donation amount due to soaring prices, and we have taken special measures. Echizen crab will be prepared next year, so I would like to ask for your continued support to the town." I'm talking to you.