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Viggo Mortensen has just announced that the horses he rode in

Lord of the Rings

 have succumbed after a long life of loyal service.

The actor, who plays Aragorn in the Peter Jackson trilogy, had purchased a total of three horses by the time the films were over.

"There were two I rode - a chestnut and Aragorn's big bay - but I also bought the horse Arwen rides in

The Fellowship of the Ring

when she is being chased through the forest by the Black Riders." », Explained the actor to the NME, before specifying that this scene was carried out by a stuntwoman with whom he befriended.

“I knew how much she loved this horse, so I bought her.

This one is still alive, but the other two are dead.

They were already a certain age at the time of filming, and that was twenty years ago.


Small favor

Viggo Mortensen didn't just keep horses from this historic shoot.

He also has very good memories, in particular of a scene never before seen for the general public.

It is “a scene from the book when [Aragon and Arwen] walk in this flowery meadow”.

A sequence "not essential" for the film, and which was not retained in the final cut.

Nevertheless, the actor would very much like to see the end result.

“I've never seen it, but I loved playing that scene.

It would be nice to see it, it is not in the long versions either, ”he added.

Peter Jackson, if you read us ...


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