The Caichengtang Wetland in Huainan City, Anhui Province has welcomed thousands of migratory birds such as swans, bean geese, mallards, etc. recently. The scene is spectacular.

  Huainan City is located on the banks of the Huai River, rich in lake and wetland resources.

Every late autumn and early winter, reeds grow thick and fish and shrimps are plump, attracting dozens of species and thousands of migratory birds to live and live through the winter.

  Pei Zhixin, vice president of the Anhui Provincial Rare Bird Conservation Workers Association, introduced that Caichengtang is a "paradise" for waterfowl migratory birds, and a large number of migratory birds inhabit in winter.

According to his observation, there are more migratory birds this year.

He analyzed that this is related to the current "ban on fishing" policy. There are fewer fishermen in wetland ponds, and the disturbance to the habitat of migratory birds will decrease, so a large number of migratory birds will come.

(Reporter Liu Hao Pei Zhixin edited Wu Rui)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】