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Recently, Justin Bieber flew to the rescue of his wife Hailey, who was then targeted by a rabid internet user.

Still not digesting the separation of "Jelena", the couple formed by Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, the young woman called for a real raid against Hailey Bieber during an Instagram Live that it had announced.

"They're not going to turn off the comments, so now's the time to bombard this sh * t with Jelena and say how much better Selena is."

Take it out on it ”, called the user in a video ad transcribed by Metro UK.

Justin Bieber then hastened to condemn this act of nuisance in a long message posted in Story after relaying the video of this bulky fan.

No hard feelings

“I just wanted to share this so that people can get a feel for what we face on a daily basis.

It's extremely hard to keep a cool head when I see people like that trying to bring people together to harass the person I love most in the world, ”Justin Bieber wrote, before asking people of goodwill to. support him and his wife with prayers.

For her part, Hailey Bieber expressed her sadness at this type of attack, before being magnanimous towards the one who intended to harm him.

“I wish the young woman in this video the best.

I hope she will find love, peace and happiness in her life!

», Wrote the model in a Story.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a checkered relationship for nearly eight years before finally separating around 2017. The same year, the singer found Hailey Baldwin whom he had already dated in the past.

A few months later, in September 2018, they married discreetly at the town hall before saying “yes” religiously the following year in the presence of their families and loved ones.


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