The principal of an elementary school in Kami Town, Hyogo Prefecture, was arrested by police for possessing stimulants at home.

Chiharu Kusuda (54), the principal of Kasumi Elementary School in Kami Town, was arrested on suspicion of violating the Stimulants Control Law.

According to the police, in the process of investigating another drug case, it was suspected that Principal Kusuda had taken over the stimulant from a trafficker, so when he searched his home on the morning of the 12th, he found a polyethylene bag containing a small amount of stimulant in the bag he had left. It means that one bag was found.

He admitted to the investigation and stated that he had "there was no doubt that he had it for use."

The police suspected that Principal Kusuda was using stimulants, and decided to investigate the acquisition route in detail.

Kami Town Board of Education "Confirming the facts"

According to the Kami Town Board of Education, Principal Kusuda has been the principal of Kasumi Elementary School since April after working as the director of the Children's Education Division of the Board of Education.

The Kami Town Board of Education says, "I know the principal has been arrested. We are currently checking the detailed facts."