A third duck farm has been affected in the Lands -


Avian influenza continues to spread in the Landes.

A week after the discovery of a first outbreak in a duck farm in Bénesse-Maremne, a third farm was contaminated by "highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N8", another name given to avian flu, in the same department.

The discovery of a second infected farm on Thursday had already prompted the Landes prefecture to declare that within the territory, "the disease is progressing".

About 500 euthanized poultry

Our colleagues in the South-West provide further information: the duck farm is part of a farm in Angresse, where all the poultry will be euthanized this Saturday, in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

It is approximately 500 poultry which will be killed, the capons and the chickens not escaping the fatal fate, always with the aim of trying to contain the epidemic.

The mayor of the town and uncle of the affected producer declared in the columns of


 : “There was no sign of particular mortality whatsoever!

When the test results came in, it was a shock on this small farm.

“In the department, this third breeding affected in less than a week raised fears of a strong epidemic wave during this winter.


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