Originally, when it comes to winter, it is like this, but it is so serious that a sigh comes out.

Diabetes patients.

This winter is particularly severe.

My patients are also constricted in the cold weather, so they sit at home and concentrate on eating warm and delicious food.

It is strange if sugar levels are well controlled in this state of body care.

If you gain muscle and lose weight while exercising, sugar control becomes easier, but that's because of that situation.

Who doesn't know good exercise.

However, there is no way to say that I quit exercising because I couldn't go outside because of Corona 19.

That doesn't mean you can't stop exercising at all?

Home training and home gym are popular these days.

Even if you can't go out and exercise, it's a really nice world to watch YouTube videos and follow experts inside your home.

However, one side of my mind gets bored.

There are also joys that cannot be obtained at home in a sports facility.

When I'm tired, I look at others who are eager to give me strength, and the babbling atmosphere inspires me.

But I'm the only one in the house.

Solitude has become a great enemy of the movement.

For those who do, I recommend outdoor exercise.

It's not safe to be outside, but it's easy to keep social distancing.

If someone approaches you, you can avoid it, and you don't have to touch objects that others have touched.

There are a lot of things to see, so putting it in your earphones and exercising will solve everything.

Besides, there is no fine dust these days.

What kind of clear sky is it?

This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Any form is good.

You can also walk, climb stairs, hike, or ride a bicycle.

The benefits of outdoor exercise are clear.

The fact that he is free from Corona 19 and does not cost money.

Among them, I especially recommend running.

It's easy for anyone to get started, and it's good to see yourself progressing little by little as you achieve results.

Motivation that can motivate you is also prepared as a gift set.

You can find fun by combining elements such as distance, slope, record, and competition.

I also started running these days.

I had never run outdoors before, but I tried it for the first time, but after running 5 kilometers each day for about a month, several positive effects began to appear.

In today's article, I'm going to write down a few things I felt after running a month and what I was thinking about.

First, the body is full of vitality throughout the day.

At the end of exercise, pleasure dominates the entire day.

It feels a bit different from running on a treadmill indoors.

In particular, sports medicine, outdoors, large and small variables stimulate the body.

The slope of each sidewalk is different and there are small stones on the road.

They stimulate the body's sense of acceptance (Proprioception) to maximize the exercise effect.

Blood vessels dilate, heart contraction improves, and hemoglobin carries more oxygen.

As the cardiopulmonary power improves, the blood flow is smooth, and therefore, there is no choice but to be energetic.

I don't know if morning running is making my competitiveness because "physical strength is skill".

Second, it is a positive attitude.

I have become so sensitive this year.

There was also a Corona 19 pandemic, and there were too many hard work, such as a doctor's strike.

The same is true that patients are sensitive.

The economic contraction, psychologically, and health seem to have not all improved this year.

It wasn't hard to deal with such people.

But by the end of the year, my attitude changed as I started running.

First of all, I didn't get angry.

It's a big change, if not to the extent that your positive mind springs from the deep.

Even if the situation around you hasn't gotten any better, running can help you get through the day.

Third, there is a lot of time left.

I devote time to exercise, but I have more time left.

This is because it is good not only for the physical realm but also for the mental.

If you are running while looking at the high and wide sky, you will organize your thoughts.

Running in the morning prepares for the day, so you may not be dragged, and running in the evening can help you organize and reflect on the day.

You can focus on what's important, so you have time to spend on exercising.

You don't even have to set aside time for meditation.

When I ran for the first time, even if I ran a little, the back of my thighs throbbing.

I did it because of the muscles I didn't use.

Now I increase it little by little and run as long as possible before going to work.

By gradually increasing the limit, I dream of a half marathon and a full course someday.

However, if you are a doctor for the first time to run, consider your knee health.

Knee cartilage is a wasting organ, so once worn, it cannot be restored.

The more you run, the more you can hurt your knees.

Therefore, you have to run while building your thigh and hip muscles, and if you are losing too much weight, you should refrain from doing it.

Shoes are important, and if the road you run is too hard, it's bad, so you need to look carefully.

I hope that many people will be healthy through running. 

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