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In the world of television, as in so many others, things are not expensive or cheap, but it depends.


Rosa María Mateo

has unveiled the disbursement made by RTVE to have on its grill

Jesús Cintora's program

'Clear Things', a question has hovered: Is spending 43,000 euros per episode a lot or a little?

"It is a waste", summarize expert sources in the sector consulted by this newspaper.

“The program is more expensive than it could be.

It could be done for almost half the budget if it were integrated into the structure of the Information Services of the house itself, "they say.

In this way, the sources consulted calculate that a current gathering program such as the one presented by Cintora, lasting two hours, which revolves around a discussion table with different live connections to give way to content could be carried out having into account the own resources of public television for not much more than 20,000 euros.

"Commissioning a format like this from an external producer in the case of TVE

is absurd from the point of view of efficiency

", reiterate the sources consulted.

The partial outsourcing of 'Clear things' has been controversial since this new program was announced for La 1. The mandate-framework of the RTVE corporation establishes in its article 35 that 100% of the production of news programs must be internal.

To avoid this limitation, the management of RTVE has classified 'Clear things' in the genre

of current affairs magazine

-where the norm reduces the requirement of internal production to 55%.

The decision made by Rosa María Mateo and

Enric Hernández

-director of Information and News of RTVE and architect of the new morning structure of the grill of La 1- to hire the company

Lacoproductora SL -created


José Miguel Contreras

- to carry out the program is one of those that make the product more expensive.

To avoid that the program is classified as informative and adjust it to the norm, it has been excluded from the broad and powerful structure of Information Services that exists in TVE, where it could have drawn more of its own resources than with the semi-outsourcing formula.

Many variables influence the cost of a television program.

When a star presenter is hired their cache can skyrocket the show's budget so comparisons are always difficult.

But in the case of TVE it is especially striking that an outside journalist has been used to present a current gathering format instead of resorting to professionals from the house itself.

In fact, on the 24Horas channel there are current talk programs that are carried out with the entire resources of the corporation, including the presenter.

RTVE has not revealed what Cintora charges

, but that salary could have been reduced in spending.

The total disbursement approved by Rosa María Mateo for 'Clear things' amounts to

1.3 million euros

, as recognized by the sole provisional administrator of RTVE in a response to a parliamentary question registered by



Specifically, the money that the public corporation allocates to the space that Jesús Cintora presents in La 1 in the mornings is

43,048.38 euros for each of the 32 chapters

signed in the contract.

As EL MUNDO reported, this program has a team of

25 people from outside

the public corporation's



The TVE News Council issued a statement in which it described this decision as "very serious."

In the note that this independent body representing the workers issued before the premiere of the Cintora program, it was pointed out that part of the external personnel that is used, from the 'Maldita Hemeroteca' medium, has been hired to be in charge of carry out verification tasks, when in the TVE newsroom there are professionals assigned to the

Verifica RTVE


who could take care of this task perfectly.

In short, one of the costs that could have been saved.

Paradoxically, another consequence of outsourcing this program is that it facilitates the control of its contents.

In a public television such as TVE it is difficult to direct the criteria of staff journalists.

It is usual that in the face of political pressure, complaints arise within the corporation itself.

The mobilizations on TVE for these reasons are common in times of Government of any sign.

On the other hand, when third parties are hired to do a job, they can be required to approach it in one way or another.

As popular wisdom says: he

who pays rules


In short, a lot or a little, expensive or cheap, one of the 'clear things' about Cintora's program is that it could be done for much less money on a public television that all Spaniards finance and that has more than

6,000 people on the staff

, many of them qualified to carry out a two-hour news gathering without problems.

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