• 'Clear things' The Podemos agenda lands on TVE

  • TVE Cintora's team already duplicates the parallel writing attributed to the PP

The disbursement approved by

Rosa María Mateo

for the company

Lacoproductora SL -created

by the co-founder of La Sexta

José Miguel Contreras- to

carry out the program 'Las things clear' amounts to 1.3 million euros, as recognized by the sole provisional administrator itself of RTVE in an answer to a parliamentary question registered by Vox.

Specifically, the money that the public corporation allocates to the space that

Jesús Cintora

presents in

La 1

in the mornings is 43,048.38 euros for each of the

32 chapters

signed in the contract.

However, the total cost of the program 'Las things clear' is much higher, since it is a

mixed production

in collaboration between RTVE and the aforementioned external producer.

Thus, the public corporation assumes important additional expenses such as those derived from the set where it is held, part of the technical production and the salaries of some RTVE workers who are destined for this program.

'The clear things' premiered on the La 1 grid on November 16, wrapped up in controversy from the beginning, precisely because of the outsourcing of part of its production.

As EL MUNDO reported, this program has a team of

25 people from outside

the public corporation's staff.

The TVE News Council, an independent body representing workers, issued a statement in which it described this decision as "very serious."

In the parliamentary question presented by the deputies of Vox

Manuel Mariscal


Víctor Manuel Sánchez


José María Figaredo

, it is recalled that the mandate-framework of the RTVE corporation establishes in its article 35 that 100% of the production of news programs must be internal.

To avoid this limitation, as the


platform has denounced


the RTVE management has classified 'Clear things' in the



-where the norm lowers the internal production requirement to 55 %-, despite the fact that the core of the The space is focused on current affairs with a gathering moderated by Cintora himself and various live connections.

Jesús Cintora's program was received with discomfort also by union representatives, who announced their intention to bring him to justice, because they consider that 'Las cosas clara' is an informative format that cannot be commissioned from external producers.

In addition,

Isabel Cacho

, director of TVE Magazines, resigned due to disagreement with the decisions of the Director of Information and News of RTVE imposed by Rosa María Mateo,

Enric Hernández

, just at the moment in which he landed on the grid of La 1 the Cintora program.

In the note that the News Council issued before the premiere of the Cintora program, it was pointed out as especially serious that part of the external personnel used in 'Las cosas clear', from the medium

'Maldita Hemeroteca'

, has been hired to be in charge of carrying out verification tasks, when in the TVE newsroom there are professionals assigned to the

Verifica RTVE


who could take charge of this task.

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