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Agreement between the social partners on occupational health

The social partners found in the night of Wednesday to Thursday a common ground to sign a National Interprofessional Agreement (ANI) on health at work, after the favorable opinion of the CFDT, FO and the CFE-CGC.

The CGT for its part gave an unfavorable opinion and the CFTC is reserved.

The parties now have until January 8 to formally sign the text, which aims to put prevention at the center and improve existing mechanisms, especially for SMEs.

Discussions between London and EU extended until Sunday

They still can't do it.

The President of the European Commission and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave themselves Wednesday until Sunday to arrive at a "firm decision on the future of the discussions" post-Brexit, indicated Ursula von der Leyen in the evening.

It is a new reprieve therefore, in this Brexit which does not stop offering us twists and turns.

OM sinks against City and leaves Europe through the back door

It is a European campaign to be completely forgotten for OM.

Marseille logically lost (3-0) against Manchester City on Wednesday night in the Champions League.

After their very sad journey in this competition, the Marseillais finished last in their group and were eliminated from all European cups.

Now it's time for the championship where OM, well placed, will attempt a new qualification in the Champions League.

But next year it will be necessary to show another face.


Brussels and London agree to facilitate trade to Northern Ireland


Thanks to a huge Neymar, Paris finishes the job in style and comes out at the top of its group

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