Lane 126, Shunhe Road, Zhangjiang Town, Shanghai was officially unblocked, and the children shouted "Come out!"

Photographed by The Paper, Zhang Chengjun

  At 0:00 on December 7, the residential area of ​​Lane 126, Shunhe Road, Zhangjiang Town, Pudong New Area, and Xinsheng Community of Zhuqiao Town were officially adjusted to low-risk areas.

  On the evening of the 6th, The Paper reporters visited the community of Lane 126, Shunhe Road.

There are still 20 minutes before the release, the residents of the community have spontaneously stood at the gate of the community, waving a small national flag to welcome the arrival of the release.

  "Come out!" a young child was held in his father's hands and shouted in a clear voice, sparking laughter around him.

  Resident Peng Xia also came to the door and handed out red national flags to surrounding residents.

"Long live the motherland, come on Shanghai." More than a dozen residents couldn't help waving the small flags in their hands and shouting cheering together.

  Peng Xia’s family has 9 people living in the community, and daughter Yiyi’s classmate’s home is also there. “We celebrated our birthday together at home. It’s very lively.” Peng Xia said with a smile, “It’s quite meaningful to her, and I will write articles in the future. Wrote it."

  Peng Xia shared a photo with reporters. A pair of children holding a small red flag prepared by their mother smiled brightly. "Although the children can freely move around in the community, they miss the teachers and classmates very much and want to go to school."

  Some are waiting to come out, and some are waiting to go in.

  "I happened to be back to Nanjing that weekend when I was notified." Mr. Zhang, whose hometown is in Nanjing, said that because he couldn't go back to his rented place in Shanghai, he had lived in Nanjing for the past two weeks.

  Mr. Zhang said that when he first received the notice, his colleagues and family members came to ask, but he also felt that there was nothing to worry about. Wearing a mask for personal protection, life will naturally continue. “I can finally go home and live and continue to go. Zhang Jiang's office is working."

Thank you words on the electronic screen at the gate of the community.

Photographed by The Paper, reporter Zhu Yiyi

  At the gate of the community, the epidemic prevention staff is still on duty. Special thank-you letters are scrolled on the electronic screen, all written by the residents. Xiaoding, No.41, Lane 126, wrote: "Thanks, thanks, thanks, three important things all over!"

  At 4 pm on December 6, the Information Center of Zhangjiang Town, Pudong New Area issued the third nucleic acid test report and certificate of lost work to more than 2,000 residents in the entire community.

  Hong Liang, a staff member of the center, said that 2,308 accounting test reports were distributed door-to-door through a team of more than 10 people including neighborhood committee cadres, epidemic prevention office, and volunteers. Wang Shimin, deputy mayor of Zhangjiang Town People’s Government, told reporters that for the final In one distribution, the members of the team were busy for two days and two nights, matching the test report with only the name ID number to the residential address.

  At 4 o'clock in the afternoon on the 6th, the courier cabinet of the district had also notified all residents to pick up the packages and evacuated.

The reporter learned that the two-week take-out meals that accompanied the residents outside the community have completed their "mission" and will be evacuated early on the 7th.

Photographed by The Paper, Zhang Chengjun

  "I was a little nervous when I first arrived." said Zhang Shijie, an epidemic prevention worker who was still on duty at the door. A few days later, he found that the work on duty was very stable. He became a hand between express delivery and residents. The atmosphere is very good. The residents will say thank you when they take the takeaway from us."

  After being on duty for nearly half a month, Zhang Shijie can also go home.

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The Paper Journalist Zhu Yiyi