Global Village Dubai sets three new Guinness records

Global Village - one of the largest cultural parks in the world and the first family destination for culture, entertainment and shopping in the region - has managed to achieve three new Guinness World Records records through three works of art as part of its celebrations of the 49th National Day of the state, which included entertainment programs that won everyone’s appreciation and left with them. The most wonderful memories, which establishes its first place among family entertainment destinations, to celebrate this occasion dear to the hearts of all residents of the Emirates.

More than 1000 flags from the UAE flags were collected to achieve the record for the largest pooled number using flags in the world, which constituted No. 49, and the record for the largest mosaic panel was achieved using tickets to "form a flag", as 9,200 entry tickets to the global village, colored by the colors of the flag, were used to form The flag of the Emirates in a wonderful work of art that won the admiration of guests at the gate of the world.

Global Village broke the record for the largest grouping sentence using plastic sheeting in cooperation with Aquafina, after it used more than 14,000 plastic sheets to form the phrase "Live My Country" from the national anthem on the left wall of the main stage to be a wonderful artistic picture in front of the guests.

It is reported that Global Village will donate all the covers used in this attempt to the "Digrid" company, which will in turn recycle the covers into raw materials that are used in the manufacture of wheelchairs.

Global Village continues its attempts to break a total of 25 records during the Silver Jubilee season, after collecting 5 numbers so far.

Bader Anwahi, CEO of Global Village said, “This year was full of milestones that stirred everyone’s feelings, and we are all proud of being able to receive our guests in the global village with a festive atmosphere that reflects the importance of this occasion that the people of the UAE are proud of in front of the world. It is the preferred family destination for residents and tourists to celebrate National Day, which we have experienced this year as well. "

He added, "We are happy with the remarkable turnout of guests during the national holiday to enjoy the distinctive entertainment programs that we have prepared for them, ranging from the artworks that adorned the global village to the epic operetta" Emirates: Land of Peace "which narrated the story of the Emirates from the past and the present in front of our guests as I was personally honored with the participation The main stage with His Excellency Khalifa Hassan Al Drai, Executive Director of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, to launch fireworks that we have dedicated to express gratitude and gratitude to the efforts of the first line of defense soldiers from his team for all the high services they provide to the country.

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