[Explanation] Wang Hongyu, a hearing impaired boy born in 1991, is an "urban beautician".

In 2015, he started his own business and formed a "silent" team: 5 deaf painters on the streets, shopping malls and other places, using wall painting to "beauty" the city.

The team is very young, with an average age of less than 30 years old.

  Recently, when the reporter contacted Wang Hongyu, he and his team were doing color painting in a shopping mall in Changchun, Jilin Province.

The reporter learned that Wang Hongyu and his team graduated from the Special Education College of Changchun University majoring in Chinese painting and oil painting respectively. The surrounding walls in the city center and the decorative walls in the shopping malls were all carefully depicted objects.

  To facilitate communication, Wang Hongyu specially hired a sign language interpreter.

This makes his work a lot smoother.

  [Concurrent] Wang Hongyu, head of the "Silent" team

  In work, communication is the most difficult.

We have also come up with many solutions.

For example, ask translators to (use) WordPad, WeChat, and typewriting, so that we are also improving our communication methods bit by bit.

  [Explanation] The name of the translator standing next to Wang Hongyu is Hou Xuemei. She was originally engaged in translation work. Now she has fully integrated into this "silent" team and has become an indispensable member.

  Hou Xuemei told reporters that the team is now well-known in the local area, working almost "always" 365 days a year.

  [Concurrent] Hou Xuemei, translator of "Silent" team

  Because our creations are all in a silent environment, we spend less working time and creative time than others. Because they are not interfered by the outside world, our works are more detailed.

In this case, many customers will introduce other customers to us, so now we rarely have time to rest 365 days a year.

  [Explanation] During the interview, the reporter learned that the team is now undertaking the drawing work of the local large-scale cultural wall series and shopping mall comic wall, which can not only solve their own needs in life, but also drive more hearing-impaired people to join in and give full play to Their value.

  [Concurrent] Wang Hongyu, head of the "Silent" team

  We set up this team to help more hearing-impaired people get a job again, and to use our expertise to integrate themselves into society more quickly.

  Reporter from Changchun Lu Shengnan

Editor in charge: [Zhang Aolin]