Comedian Hong Rok-ki, who was angry with BJ Cheol-gu's demeaning remarks on his appearance, turned out to be untrue.

The entertainment side, which shows Hong Rok-ki's agency, said, "Hong Rok-ki does not have a Twitter account. This Twitter is an impersonation."

Earlier on the 3rd, BJ Chul-gu said, "Park Ji-seon is off," when he heard a woman BJ saying "looks like Hong Rok-gi" during a live broadcast on the 3rd.

In response, netizens pointed out whether it was degrading the appearance of comedian Park Ji-sun, who passed away.

Then Cheol-gu said, "I'm not talking about Park Ji-sun. I mean Park Mi-sun."

Even afterwards, Cheol-gu apologized, "I think I said so without thinking. I'm sorry for trying to talk about Park Mi-seon."

Even if Cheol-gu accidentally mentioned the deceased, the sudden summoned comedian Park Mi-seon could also be unpleasant enough.

In response, Park Mi-sun responded that she was embarrassed through SNS.

On the 4th, Park Mi-seon posted a post on his SNS, "Who are you? Let's look and talk in the mirror before pointing out my appearance. I go through all kinds of things in life. I have a brain to think and talk."

Park Mi-seon released a capture copy of the article dealing with the controversial remarks of Cheol-gu, which was controversial on the day, and revealed that it was left behind because of Cheol-gu.

Afterwards, a Twitter post spread online, saying that Hong Rok-ki also showed uncomfortable feelings at BJ Chul-gu's remarks.

On this Twitter account, entitled'Let's live once in a life like Hong Rok-ki', there was a post saying, "I did something because there were so many missed calls from morning. Cheol-gu? Ha. What is this?"

However, it turned out that the Twitter account was not Hong Rok-ki's own account.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)