The TF1 adventure reality show ended on Friday evening, after 15 weeks.

The winner of the famous pole test was able to choose the candidate with whom to rub shoulders on the board, for a final vote.

A tribute was also paid to Bertrand Kamal, candidate who died in September.

The last episode of

Koh-Lanta: the 4 lands

was broadcast Friday evening on TF1.

After 15 weeks of adventures in Fiji, the three finalist adventurers faced the famous pole test, one of the most feared on the show.

Alexandra fell first, followed by Loïc, and it was therefore Brice who won on this ultimate physical challenge.

As required by the rules, he was then able to choose the candidate with whom to face a final council, composed of twelve participants.

A check for 100,000 euros

Strategically, Brice chose Alexandra, believing he could glean more votes against her.

But the members of the jury decided otherwise, and it was Alexandra who won the vote by two votes, pocketing at the same time the check for 100,000 euros reserved for the big winner.


The Koh Lanta saga, from the English failure to the French success story

This last episode of the 2020 edition was also an opportunity to pay tribute to Bertrand Kamal, who died in September from pancreatic cancer, and who had participated in this season, filmed a year earlier.