China News Service, Changsha, December 4 (Wang Haohao) The reporter learned on the 4th from the front line of the Yuanjiangshan coal mine flooding accident in Leiyang, Hunan, that with the advancement of rescue, the underground situation has changed complicated and the rescue has entered a critical stage.

  At about 1 am on the 4th, the underground rescue team discovered during the advancing process that a barrier lake was formed in the main shaft transportation lane of Yuanjiangshan Coal Mine, and the roadway was seriously blocked.

The headquarters adjusted the plan in time. On the one hand, the water pump was moved forward to the main transportation lane, sinking to the maximum, and the roadway was drained more quickly; on the other hand, it reorganized the force and adopted the alternate operation method to clean up the accumulated coal gangue, etc. Block the roadway.

  At about 6:50 in the morning, the rescue team members who went down the mine the previous day came out of the main shaft of the coal mine, and a new group of rescue team members went down to continue the search and rescue.

Xu Zhijun, captain of the Baisha Base for Mine Rescue in Hunan Province, said: "The underground situation is too complicated."

  At 9 p.m. on the 3rd, Xu Zhijun led the search and rescue team into the tunnel with 15 kg of gas detectors, life detectors, ventilators and other rescue equipment. For nearly 10 hours, he led the team into the tunnel and saw the transportation. A barrier lake was formed in the main alley, and a lot of debris was blocked in the three underground roadways. In addition, the soil and rock from the roof collapsed and the silt formed by the impact of water flow brought great difficulty to rescue.

Xu Zhijun also had more than 10 bruises on his legs and hands.

  "We are using all imaginable methods to carry out rescues, but the collapse in the mine is serious and the rescue has entered the critical stage." Zheng Shitian, a researcher and chief expert at the Xi'an Research Institute of China Coal Science and Industry Group, who participated in the rescue at the scene, said that the collapse caused the roadway to be blocked and rescuers Unable to reach the expected location of the trapped miners.

At present, rescuers are doing their best to carry out dredging work. At the same time, they are drilling in the nearby Daozi No. 2 mine to transport oxygen downwards and open up life rescue channels.