Lee Young-ji, a'high school 3 rapper' who could not take the SAT exam due to late sleep, explained that he had no intention to deceive the test taker.

Lee Young-ji posted a post about 10:30 am on the 3rd, through his Instagram story, "It was a true story that I was working late because I was nervous and didn't hear all the alarms. All-time legend life."

He added a cheering post saying, "I eat well and live well. Everyone, don't get discouraged. You guys are really the best."

On the mobile phone alarm screen released by Lee Young-ji, alarms are set several times from 6:45 am to 7:30 am.

However, it seems that Lee Young-ji could not wake up even with the alarm that rang several times.

Lee Young-ji said, "I'm sorry for not being able to spread the sermons (social culture). And everyone comforts me. I didn't study, so even if I went (to see the SAT), it's okay that I would have written only the gwonbeop (3 times if you know a little, 4 times if you don't know). No. I tried to spread my grades, but I'm sorry I couldn't do that," he added, adding, "Only those who have studied hard can get good results."

The fact that Lee Young-ji was unable to take the SAT due to oversleeping attracted attention, and his name was posted on the real-time search query on the portal site.

Lee Young-ji was embarrassed, saying, "It's embarrassing."

In addition, Lee Young-ji also revealed in a video how he was moved to steal tears while eating kimbap from his mother who was going to take it to the SAT exam.

He said, "Everyone, I'm not crying," he said, "It's not so bad. How do I go to Yonsei University even though I didn't study. If I go and solve hard, I can't even enter the middle school in front of my house."

However, after Lee Young-ji posted such an article on social media, some pointed out whether it was disparaging the efforts of other candidates who had studied only by looking at the SAT.

Accordingly, Lee Young-ji posted a post on social media again to reveal his position.

Lee Young-ji said, "I hope there will be no misunderstandings. The sentence'I am eating well and living well' had no intention of deception."

He also explained, "I am an inexperienced person who is not thorough in preparation, so how well I live, so it meant that the future of those who devoted everything and worked hard for today will shine even more."

He said, "There was no intention to disparage everyone's efforts lightly. If you ever felt that way, I'm really sorry," he said. "The wonderful blood and sweat of all of you are always shining and I assure you that we will see more light in the future. You worked so hard today, and please have delicious food and a good night's sleep for yourself. Thank you again for today."

Lee Young-ji is a rapper who is loved by many fans for her rap skills and honest and cool personality after winning the final championship in Mnet's'High School Rapper 3'last year.

[Photo = Lee Young-ji's Instagram capture]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Sun-ae)