Chinanews client, Beijing, December 4th. Recently, writer Jiang Rong's new work "Swan Totem" premiere was held in Beijing.

The founder of New Oriental Education Group Yu Minhong, the famous host and writer Bai Yansong, and the vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association Li Jingze and other guests showed up at this event to walk into Jiang Rong's swan kingdom and grassland world with readers.

Group photo of this event.

Photo courtesy of the organizer

  The story of "Swan Totem" revolves around a pure and strong love: the prairie singer Sarina has a long life and regards guarding the swan as a lifelong belief; the prairie man Bagna, who loves Sarina, overcomes all difficulties for his sweetheart and never gives up.

  In addition to the love story, the author also described the swan, an unfamiliar creature on the prairie, reproduced the mysterious Swan Lake, and portrayed the theme of love and beauty.

Under a snow disaster that has not happened in a century, a moving legend has come to a climax.

  The 11-year jump-in career in Inner Mongolia left a deep impression on Jiang Rong.

Grassland is an important source of his creation, and it also makes his works present a unique style in contemporary Chinese literature.

But it is also about writing grassland, "Swan Totem" has developed a completely different style from "Wolf Totem".

  Li Jingze pointed out, "The AB side of romanticism has been fully embodied in Jiang Rong."

In his view, "Wolf Totem" is "inspiring", and "Swan Totem" is "soothing".

A close-up of the book "Swan Totem".

Photo courtesy of the organizer

  Bai Yansong believes that “Sarina is the real protagonist of "Swan Totem" compared to the eye-catching prairie man Bagner, because he saw in Sarina “how women treat life well and how they treat love”.

This kind of love transcends men and women, it is the care for all living beings, and this is the characteristic of the grassland.

  In addition to feelings of love and beauty, Yu Minhong, the founder of New Oriental Education Group, also stated that "I read many concepts in entrepreneurship in "Swan Totem". The protagonist of the novel Bagner's entrepreneurial struggle resonated in his heart.