(Year-end Feature) Hong Kong is a blessed land, the sky and the future are broad-an interview with Hong Kong Chief Secretary Zhang Jianzong

  China News Service, Hong Kong, December 4th, title: Hong Kong is a blessed land, the sky is broad in the future-an interview with Hong Kong Chief Secretary Zhang Jianzong

  China News Agency reporter Zhang Xiaoxi

  "I believe that the future of Hong Kong is bright and the future is unlimited. The long-term attention and care of the country has given Hong Kong a lot of support." In an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency in Hong Kong recently, the Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Zhang Jianzong said.

  Looking back on this year, Zhang Jianzong said frankly that Hong Kong spent most of his time "fighting" against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, which was a difficult and unhappy year for many people.

The top priority for Hong Kong is to control the epidemic. After the epidemic, how Hong Kong will start again is of the highest priority for the city's long-term interests.

  The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam issued a new "Policy Address" on November 25, hoping that Hong Kong can move forward and set off again.

Zhang Jianzong fully supports this report and said that he will work with all civil servants of the SAR government to implement various suggestions and make Hong Kong "restart".

  In Zhang Jianzong's view, Hong Kong's "restart" mainly includes three aspects: First, it is necessary to set aside chaos at the internal political level and restore the roots.

This goal is important and clear, and must be fully implemented; the second is to re-establish ties with the mainland, and this will require the restoration of customs clearance with the mainland under the control of the Hong Kong epidemic, and then gradually restart tourism, etc., to show to the mainland A Hong Kong full of vitality; the third is to strengthen external promotion, to correct some of the wrong views of Hong Kong in foreign countries, and to re-establish Hong Kong’s international image.

  Zhang Jianzong believes that Hong Kong is arguably the country's most open, commercialized, and most closely connected city with the world. It is also a place with the spirit of the rule of law.

These are Hong Kong's advantages.

In the national "14th Five-Year Plan" and the new development pattern of "dual cycle", Hong Kong should still use its own advantages to be a good link between participants in the country's "inner cycle" and "outer cycle", and give full play to the international shipping hub , The positive role of international financial center and trade center.

  As the chairman of the Hong Kong Youth Development Council, Zhang Jianzong is also very concerned about the development and future of youth.

He believes that the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is the "entry point" for Hong Kong to integrate into the overall development of the country, and the Greater Bay Area provides Hong Kong youth with a new "career track" so that they can "spread their wings and fly high."

  He mentioned that the "Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Program" to be launched by the SAR government will set aside 430 million Hong Kong dollars to provide 2,000 full-time jobs for Hong Kong youths for 18 months to work and live in the Greater Bay Area. Become a "Greater Bay Area Person".

He believes this is a great opportunity for the youth of Hong Kong.

  In the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong has a close relationship with Shenzhen.

In this regard, Zhang Jianzong believes that the cooperation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen in science and innovation will become a bright spot in the construction of the Greater Bay Area.

Hong Kong must not only strengthen cooperation with Shenzhen to build a national innovation and technology center, but also increase efforts to attract scientific and technological talents from all over the world, including the Mainland, to consolidate Hong Kong's strength and competitiveness.

  As the civil servant with the longest working term in the government in Hong Kong's history, Zhang Jianzong, who has served in the government for 48 years, said that his original intention to join the government was to love Hong Kong and hope to contribute to society and promote Hong Kong's development.

After the return of Hong Kong to the motherland, the opportunity to contribute to the country made him feel that he could contribute to the country.

It is a great honor to serve Hong Kong and contribute to the country.

  "I am an authentic Hong Kong person, but I also have national sentiments. I have always felt that without a country, (just) there is no Hong Kong." Zhang Jianzong said, "One country, two systems" is the key to Hong Kong's success, more so as "the best" of both worlds" (best of both worlds).

  He also emphasized that "one country, two systems" and "two systems" can only be achieved if there is "one country". This is very important.

To make the "one country, two systems" stable and far-reaching, Hong Kong must have a comprehensive and correct understanding of "one country, two systems." National security, national territorial integrity, and national sovereignty and overall interests are the bottom line that cannot be touched. Should abide by.

  Zhang Jianzong recalled and pointed out that the enactment of the Hong Kong National Security Law six months ago can be said to have played a role in Hong Kong as a "sacred needle of the sea", bringing Hong Kong back to the right track in terms of law and order, and social stability has obviously restored.

In the future, the SAR government will continue to consolidate this achievement, continue to implement the content and spirit of the Hong Kong National Security Law, and strengthen education on national security.

  December 4 coincides with the National Constitution Day. Zhang Jianzong said that he has published articles in many newspapers recently to vigorously promote the Constitution, Hong Kong Basic Law and Hong Kong National Security Law. He hopes that Hong Kong people, especially Hong Kong youth, will be right about "One Country, Two Systems". I hope that they will become law-abiding and committed people with national concepts, Hong Kong sentiments, and world vision.

  "I have a long-term belief, very simple, that Hong Kong is a blessed land." Zhang Jianzong said that with the backing of the country and the advantages of Hong Kong itself, he believes that as long as the development opportunities can be seized, all citizens will work together for the future of Hong Kong. It must be the sky and the ocean.