Refute the rumors!

Can Xi'an public rental housing "rent first and buy later"?

Xi'an Housing Construction Bureau: Fake news

  On December 3, Xi’an Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau responded to false information such as the “Public Rental Housing Purchase Policy” that has recently been spread by criminals on the Internet. As of 2022, Xi’an has invested at least 120,000 rental housing units and the implementation of the rent-and-buy program , Issued a statement to refute the rumors:

  1. "Public rental housing is implemented after renting and buying program", "Public rental housing can be purchased after 5 years" are all false information.

Public rental housing in Xi'an can only be leased to eligible families.

  2. The Xi'an Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau has never set up any entrusted handling agency, and any unit, institution, or individual charging any fee in accepting public rental housing qualification review business is an illegal act.

  3. The official media of Xi'an Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau are the official website of Xi'an Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau and the WeChat public account of "Xi'an Housing and Urban-Rural Development".

For the relevant information on public rental housing policies and housing at the same level in Xi'an, please refer to the information released by the official media of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau.

The approval process for public rental housing applications is community acceptance, and the street office and district housing security center review and publicize it.

Citizens are requested to apply for public rental housing in accordance with the normal channels and procedures prescribed by the policy to avoid being deceived.

  4. If a citizen pays money to an agency or person who rents a house for a fee, please report the case to the public security organ as soon as possible to recover the economic loss.

  (CCTV reporter Chen Wu Guosheng)