, Urumqi, December 3 (Gou Jipeng) On December 2, more than ten retired Xinjiang aid workers from Guangdong watched the unreleased movie "Kashgar Guli". The story of the heroine's three-generation Xinjiang aid aroused everyone Resonance, several elderly people were full of tears and excitement.

  "We were recruited (recruiting cadres) from Guangdong to Xinjiang in the 1950s. At that time, there were 11,000 people, most of whom were middle and high school students. Many of them had received professional training and were assigned to all parts of Xinjiang." 85 this year The year-old Li Difa said that the Xinjiang aid story told in the film brought back memories.

The story of the heroine's family of three generations supporting Xinjiang in the film resonated with everyone.

Photo courtesy of the crew of "Kashgar Guli"

  "When I saw the tombs of the heroine Yuan Xue's father and grandfather both standing on the Pamirs, she returned to Xinjiang without hesitation, and I was very moved. My family is also a two-generation working and living in Xinjiang, and the plot Similar." Huang Yuyun, a nearly 90-year-old man, said that many people, like Yuan Xue's father and grandfather in the movie, responded to the national call to support Xinjiang's construction and take root in Xinjiang for a lifetime.

  After seeing the new look of Kashgar in the film, Guo Yingsheng said with emotion: "I have been to Kashgar twice. One was when I first came to Xinjiang in the 1950s. Kashgar was full of earthen houses and there were few decent brick houses. The dust is flying. Another time was last year. I saw Kashgar exactly the same as in the film. The changes in Kashgar are really big, especially in recent years, where earth-shaking changes have taken place."

The tombs of the heroine Yuan Xue's father and grandfather are both erected on the Pamirs.

Photo courtesy of the crew of "Kashgar Guli"

  Other elderly people have also said that they have personally experienced the development and changes in Xinjiang in recent years. After watching this movie, they rekindled their lofty ambitions when they entered Xinjiang. "Seeing the development of Xinjiang today, we have paid for it. It was not in vain, not only did not regret it, but was very proud." Huang Yuyun said.

Yuan Xue returned to Xinjiang without hesitation.

Photo courtesy of the crew of "Kashgar Guli"

  After watching the film, Zhang Yongmei, the second generation of aid to Xinjiang, said, “I saw the spirit of the older generation of aid to Xinjiang in the film. Many aided Xinjiang people are rooted in Xinjiang like the heroine’s family for three generations. I feel full of love. Xinjiang and patriotism, I hope I can see such a great movie again in the future."

  It is reported that the film will be released early next year.