In the former German colony of Namibia, a politician by the name of Adolf Hitler Uunona has been elected to a regional administration.

The Namibian from the ruling Swapo party is now a district administrator of Ompundja, in the north of the African country.

Social media users wonder why someone with such a name would enter politics.

According to Uunona, his father named him after the German Nazi leader and it is too late to change his name.

"It doesn't mean I want to conquer the region," quotes

Daily Mail.

The politician suspects that his father did not know what the name Adolf Hitler stood for.

There are many residents in Namibia with German first and last names.

For example, children were named after the parents' employers.

On the one hand because the Europeans found it difficult to pronounce the native names correctly, on the other hand out of respect for the employer or superiors.

From 1884 to 1915, parts of Namibia belonged to the German Empire.

At the time, the colonial rulers violently suppressed the revolts of the Herero and Nama ethnic groups.

Tens of thousands of people died.

To this day, relations between Namibia and Germany have been difficult.