Hollywood actor Elliot Paige (Ellen Paige), who appeared in the movies'Inception' and'X-Men' series, recently declared that he would live a man's life, saying, "Please call yourself'Elliot Paige'", and his spouse, a choreographer Emma Fortner cheered.

Yesterday (2nd), the Elliott page confessed that he is transgender by saying, "Please use He or They when you call me. My name is Elliot Page."

Elliott Page's spouse Emma Fortner cheered him, saying, "I'm so proud of Elliott Page."

"The existence of Elliot is a gift in itself," Emma Fortner said. "Transgender, queer, and non-binary are the gifts of this world. They demand patience and privacy while demanding people's patience and privacy," said Emma Fortner. We hope you will join us in supporting LGBT people together.”

In addition to Emma Fortner, many Hollywood celebrities such as actors Ruby Rose, Tom Hopper, singer Miley Sylas and others expressed their support to Elliot Page, and Netflix, the producer of the drama'Umbrella Academy,' where Elliott Page is currently appearing, also expressed their support. .

Netflix responded directly to the Elliott page's Twitter post saying, "I'm so proud of our superheroes. Elliot, we love you," adding, "I'm so excited to see you again in Season 3" .

In addition, Netflix said through a local US media that "Elliot Page, the female protagonist, will continue to take on the role, and there is no plan to change the gender of the female protagonist."

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