Clemence Botino, MIss France 2020, and Sylvie Tellier, director of the company Miss France, in the canteen with the candidates for the 2021 election -


  • Several posts massively shared on social networks are alarmed by the fact that the candidates for the election of Miss France 2021 are having their meal in the restaurant of the Trianon Palace, a luxury hotel based in Versailles, while the restaurants still cannot open due to containment.

  • Depending on the organization of the competition, the candidates go morning, noon and evening, to a dedicated canteen area created for the occasion in order to eat.

This is news which, according to some Internet users, "would have enough to cut the appetite of restaurateurs".

In several viral publications on social networks, users denounce the fact that candidates for the election of Miss France 2021, confined to the Trianon Palace in Versailles, can have their meals in the restaurant of the five-star hotel.

On this publication, a user is indignant that the Miss France candidates can have their meal at the Trianon Palace, in Versailles.

- Tom Hollmann

“Restaurant owners, who are on the verge of bankruptcy following the closures imposed due to confinement will surely be delighted to learn that Sylvie Teillier is meeting her misses… at the restaurant of the Trianon Palace in Versailles!

», Indignant a surfer on one of the publications, viewed more than 4 million times in twenty-four hours.

But the contenders for the title of Miss France 2021, whose election will take place on TF1 and at Puy du Fou on Saturday, December 19, are they really eating in the restaurant of the palace, as these publications suggest?


Faced with the controversy, the organization Miss France formally denies to

20 Minutes

 : “The candidates are confined to each other, at the Trianon Palace, and evolve in dedicated spaces, created for the occasion.

It is not the hotel restaurant, but a canteen that we have installed outside the palace and in which the misses take their meals morning, noon and evening ”.

This canteen is also conditioned by precise rules: The misses cannot be more than six at the table and are separated each time by a vacant chair to limit the risk of contagion to the coronavirus.

Strict health rules

The organization specifies that the candidates for the election of Miss France 2021 are subject to an extremely strict health protocol.

Before going to Paris, they were all isolated a week before being tested.

A protocol reiterated on their arrival in the Paris region.

And the production adds that a "real health bubble" has been set up at the Trianon Palace to protect the candidates and the film crews, who are themselves subject to the same hygiene rules as the misses.

The temperature of people present in the hotel is measured daily, and PCR tests are carried out regularly.

At the end of the week, the Miss France 2021 candidates will go to Puy du Fou and will undergo, de facto, a new battery of tests.


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Coronavirus: The Miss France 2021 contest postponed for a week

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