The Information Office of the Tengchong Municipal Government of Yunnan Province reported on the night of November 30 about the accidental fall of the hot air balloon staff that occurred in the city's volcanic scenic spot. Medical staff confirmed on the spot that the faller had no vital signs. At present, Tengchong has responded to it. The volcano scenic area was closed for rectification.

  At 11:25 am on November 30, 2020, the operation project of "Yunnan Feihuotong Aviation Club" in the volcanic area-after the hot air balloon activity, on the tourist road about 10 meters outside the flight site 3, the ground staff prepared When the hot air balloon was put away, there was a sudden strong wind, which caused the hot air balloon to be blown into the air again. A ground crew member did not let go in time and was taken into the air and then fell.

  According to the briefing, the medical staff confirmed that the person who fell has no vital signs.

After the incident, the Tengchong Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism adhered to the problem-oriented approach, inferred from one another, earnestly performed tourism safety supervision responsibilities, intensified the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in scenic spots, urged scenic enterprises to implement safety responsibilities, and strictly prevented similar situations from happening, and made every effort to do social stability and aftermath Disposal of work.

  At present, investigation of the incident and handling of the aftermath are underway, and Tengchong has closed the volcano scenic area for rectification.

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]