"Hello friends!

I want to share with you that I am trans.

My pronouns are 'he / they' (equivalent to he / hen in Swedish) and my name is Elliot.

I feel happy to write this.

To be here.

To be in this place in life. ”

Elliot Page thanks for all the support he has received from friends and family and people who accompanied him on the journey.

He writes about the fact that 40 transgender people, mainly black and Latin American trans women, have been murdered in 2020. In the wordy post, he writes that the politicians who oppose transgender people's rights have "blood on their hands".

"You are contributing to anger, contempt and humiliation directed at the transcommunity.

A community where 40 percent of all adult transgender people are said to have attempted suicide.

Now that's enough.

You're hurting people.

I'm one of those people and I'm not going to stand still and watch. ”

Oscar-nominated for Juno

Elliot Page broke through in the film Juno from 2007, for which he was nominated for an Oscar.

He has also starred in films such as Inception and is currently appearing at Umbrella academy on Netflix.

He has previously criticized the director from one of his early films for telling about Page's sexuality during the filming, ten years before Page came out as gay in public.

In January 2018, Elliot Page married dancer and choreographer Emma Portner.