The procuratorial organ intervened in advance to guide the investigation. This "spiritual pyramid scheme" case, which controlled the minds of students in the name of spreading traditional culture, finally came to light——

  Debunking the trick of "mental MLM"

  "This type of new type of MLM activity is based on mind control, which is a variant of traditional MLM. However, the essence of MLM remains unchanged. It is recommended to start with hierarchical rebates to verify relevant evidence." Recently, the Procuratorate of Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, Ying Public Security The agency invited to participate in the case analysis meeting, and the prosecutor Zhang Jian spoke first at the meeting.

  On the surface, a cultural company was established, claiming to lead the students to penetrate the "Profound meaning of life", but in fact brainwashing marketing, psychological suggestion, and mental control, using free public welfare classes as gimmicks, guiding students to purchase sky-high paid courses, etc., Ye Ziqing and others made a total profit of 120 million yuan .

  On September 26 this year, the Binhu District Procuratorate approved the arrest of eight people including Ye Ziqing and Zhu Huxi on suspicion of organizing and leading pyramid schemes.

 Selling lessons is actually earning money

  "Based on the traditional Chinese culture, research on the principles of being in the world." Ms. Li has recently gone wrong, and a WeChat Moments tweet made her shine.

I clicked to open it and found that the content was very appetizing to me. After adding WeChat, Ms. Li signed up for a free class of "Five Lun Pure Land" held in a hotel in Wuxi.

  "Since my wife took the "Five Lun Pure Land" class, family affairs have been ignored, and she kept meeting in the hotel day and night for three or four consecutive days, saying that she was in a good mood. She also spent hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy the class and said she was a cooperation. People can get commissions..." Speaking of this "Five Lun Pure Land", Ms. Li's husband was furious.

  According to the investigation, this "Wu Lun Pure Land" organization is based on Ye Ziqing, Zhu Huxi and others. It opens classes under the name of "Five Lun Culture" and recruits disciples. Under the guise of spreading Buddhism, Taoism religion, and Confucian traditional culture, Mental clues and mental control to trainees, cult of personalities, deified organization leaders, selling high-priced courses, and using the excuses of "excessive" and "renaming" to make money.

  At the beginning of 2017, the organization established a company in Binhu, Wuxi, and adopted the methods of external development of the marketing department, mutual introduction of trainees, and cooperating partners to get the top spot, first to develop members to participate in free public welfare classes, and then to brainwash members through courses.

Expand the scale of the organization in the form of partner development offline, set up a hierarchical rebate program, and form an upper and lower level MLM organization model.

In the meantime, there were more than 100 development partners and more than 1,000 trainees. The trainees paid more than 40 million yuan in cooperation fees and cheated more than 120 million yuan.

  The prosecutor handling the case said that, in fact, the so-called selling of courses is just a cover. The real purpose of this "spiritual pyramid scheme" organization is to collect money from peripheral products such as vestments and instruments that are far above market prices and a considerable amount of "entry fees."

 Debunking the true face of "Master"

  After receiving reports from the victims one after another, the Wuxi police quickly opened the case for investigation.

After being captured, Ye Ziqing and others deny that they are an MLM organization, saying that starting a company to recruit students to carry out paid courses and sell peripherals is "one willing to fight, one willing to suffer."

  To this end, the prosecutor handling the case intervened in advance to guide the investigation, starting with evidence such as the confession of the accomplice, the statement of the victim, and the organization of financial flow, focusing on the company's development model, the rebate operation model, and the subjective intentional deception of money to make breakthroughs. He opened the lies of Ye Ziqing, Zhu Huxi and others.

  At the case analysis meeting, the prosecutor summarized and compared a series of commonly used methods of spiritual MLM, such as using the banner of "mental training" to control the mind of the trainees by means of spiritual suggestion, hypnosis and brainwashing, so that the trainees can be spiritually satisfied and develop new trainees. As a way to bring people out of the sea of ​​suffering, it does not rely solely on hierarchical rebates to drive sales like traditional MLM.

For example, Wuxi Company promotes so-called free public welfare classes such as fortune analysis and health preservation, and also promotes subsequent paid courses.

A round-table group of 8 to 9 people, the marketing staff are the "accompanied readers" or "parents" of each group, "accompanied" during the day, "review" at night, in the name of answering questions, urging learning, and encouraging students to buy Paid course.

  During the lecture, the group called Ye Ziqing "Master" and deified it as "Relieving Tathagata", which can bless the energy "God-given name", follow the "Master" and "Master" to become immortals, etc., especially favored People with unsatisfactory families or poor health treat the students as they like, psychological hints and mind control, bewildering many people.

  At the suggestion of the prosecutor handling the case, the public security organs strengthened the review of the "brainwashing" content, development model and other key features, and finally determined that the organization is an illegal pyramid scheme in the name of promoting traditional culture.

On September 23 this year, the public security organ submitted the case to the procuratorate for review and arrest on suspicion of organizing and leading pyramid schemes.

 Identify the "spiritual MLM" level

  "Our company has no more than two levels of rebate levels. It is not a pyramid scheme." Facing the trial of the prosecutor handling the case, Ye Ziqing, Zhu Huxi and others deliberately evaded the criminal structure of the crime of organizing and leading pyramid schemes from the level of pyramid schemes and rebate methods.

  In this regard, the prosecutor handling the case was well prepared.

As early as after the case was accepted, a post-prosecutor case analysis meeting was held to report the case with diagrams, PPT presentations, etc., to further clarify the criminal facts, improve the chain of evidence, focus on the main disputes, fully restore the basic facts of the case, and timely determine the organization and operation Mode, using objective evidence to define the constitution of MLM organization crime, including brainwashing content, hierarchical structure, rebate mode, division of labor responsibilities, etc.

During the interrogation, the key points were divided and combined with the evidence in the case, the prosecutor found that the development of the organization was to recruit "cooperatives". The trainees paid cooperation fees in four levels from 100,000 to 500,000, and they became "cooperatives" "Although "partners" can get free courses, product purchase quotas, and development offline commissions, they are by no means equivalent exchanges. The prices of courses and products are extremely high, which is still a disguised "introduction fee."

  At the end of 2019, Ye Ziqing and others adjusted the rebate model. Under the new model, "partners" with the level of 300,000 to 500,000 can receive commissions for direct offline and indirect offline development, and the rebate level characteristics are more obvious.

  "You continue to spread through the development of offline methods, which is a kind of harmful training of'mental pyramid schemes.' Even if you deliberately circumvent the three-level rebate MLM model stipulated by the criminal law, it is more hidden and less obvious than the traditional MLM model, but your organization of MLM The nature remains the same." Facing the prosecutor's reasonable refutation during the arraignment, the criminal suspect lowered his head in regret.

  At present, the Procuratorate of Binhu District, Wuxi City, through sorting out fund accounts, timely seizing the property involved in the case, recovering the stolen goods and recovering damages, has successively frozen and seized funds, real estate, vehicles, etc. worth tens of millions of yuan.