Time-honored brand: New Year’s Eve dinner reservations are hot for epidemic prevention

  News from our newspaper (intern reporter Yang Tianyue) Entering December, the 2021 Spring Festival New Year's Eve dinner reservations are also coming to an end.

The reporter was informed that more than half of the private rooms for lunch and dinner in many time-honored restaurants have been booked on New Year's Eve, and the private rooms of some well-known restaurants are almost fully booked.

  The Yi Nian Hall in the well-established Fortress Garden is a large private room that can accommodate 20 people. The meaning of "Yi Nian" is good and it is very popular among customers.

This year, as in previous years, as soon as the National Day holiday ended, Fengzeyuan opened the New Year’s Eve dinner and ordered meals during the Spring Festival.

In order to book the Yi Nian Hall, the first guest began to wait in line outside the main entrance of Fengze Garden at 10:50 pm on October 8.

"When the door opened at 8 o'clock in the morning, there were forty or fifty guests waiting to make a reservation at the door." Fengzeyuan said that as of now, the private rooms for lunch and dinner on New Year's Eve 2021 are fully booked.

  The New Year’s Eve dinners of the long-established Bianchifang stores are also being booked. The relevant person in charge of the Bianchifang Group said that the earliest customers had already booked some private rooms in the core areas in early November.

At present, the booking rate of most stores has reached more than 70%, and the private rooms of some stores are fully booked on New Year's Eve.

  Quanjude, Tongchunyuan, Tongheju and other time-honored New Year’s Eve dining seats were fully booked half a month ago. Some customers even changed their reservations to 2021 when the 2020 Spring Festival New Year’s Eve dinner was cancelled due to the epidemic.

  The reporter learned that the New Year's Eve meals in major restaurants are mainly set meals. With the advocacy of catering economy and anti-waste, many restaurants have added more small dishes and regular dishes for serving dishes.

In order to avoid waste, Quanjude Hepingmen store has newly added a small and medium table for New Year's Eve dinner for 3 to 8 people this year.

  Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, many time-honored brands will provide additional family dinner packages this year, so that citizens can buy delicacies home for reunion dinners.

Fengzeyuan Hotel will launch 3 different price banquet food boxes before the Spring Festival. Consumers can order one day in advance and take them home for consumption. Consumers who reserve private rooms for the New Year’s Eve can also choose to take them home according to the opened menu. .

  While the New Year’s Eve dinner is hotly booked, epidemic prevention and control are also proceeding in an orderly manner. Time-honored restaurants such as Tongheju, Gulou Makai Restaurant, Tongchunyuan, Huatian Eryouju Meat Cake, Qingfeng Baozi Shop, and Xiangfei Roast Chicken Fast Food, Huifeng Dumpling House and other restaurants under Beijing Huatian Food Group will take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative to the store environment Carry out the new coronavirus nucleic acid sampling test. At the same time, employees are strictly managed daily and in and out of Beijing, and continue to disinfect and ventilate, inspect health treasures, strictly observe one-meter noodles, control the number of meals, scan code orders, share meals, use public spoons and chopsticks, and make reservations for dine-in meals. Measures. Take multiple measures simultaneously to strictly implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures of "prevention of external input and internal prevention of rebound" to create a safe and secure dining environment for consumers.