The group BTS is writing a new history of K-POP by reaching the top of the US Billboard main single chart for the first time with a Korean song.

BTS reported that'J-POP' was introduced on Melon, the representative music site in Korea, and there was a controversy. After the SBS report, Melon belatedly deleted the'J-POP' keyword.

BTS is raising the status of K-POP by rising to No. 1 on the Billboard'Hot 100' with the new album title song'Life Goes On'.

However, when searching for BTS on'Melon', a representative music source site in Korea with the highest 40 million songs, it was introduced as a genre called'J-POP' along with rap/hip-hop and dance.

Until now, it has been marked as J-POP, not K-POP or POP.

In addition to BTS, Melon introduced other Korean singers such as Black Pink, Twice, and Seventeen by grouping them into the J-POP category as well.

In a call with SBS reporters, Melon said, "The recorded J-POP is not a concept of a K-POP singer or J-POP singer, but if there is a history of being released in the area of ​​J-POP activities, it is marked in the genre." When using the part, please be careful when using it."

He replied, "It is confirmed that the corrective action is difficult," and "If you enter'Details' and click'Type', your nationality will appear, and please refer to this section and use it."

However, when searching for BTS on other streaming sites'Bugs', it was shown as group (male), rap/hip-hop only, and in'Genie', it was contrasted with Korean/male/group.

In addition, from the perspective of users who do not know why Melon displays this way, it may be misunderstood in terms of information.

Actually, the genre of Japanese singers active in Japan is also marked as'J-POP', so there may be more room for confusion.

After the SBS report on this, criticism was infested on social media.

Backlash continued, such as "Is it Europop when a sound source is released in Europe", "What is the reason you want to cover up the wrong thing with sophistication? Correct it right now", and "What if I put a different music genre away from the Japanese?"

In addition, comments such as "I will not use melon", "If it does not change within this month, I will move to another streaming site," and "Let's boycott", there were signs of boycotting.

Melon, who said there was no policy change plan, belatedly changed its genre labeling policy as the criticism of netizens grew.

Currently, J-POP has been deleted from Melon's introduction to BTS, and has been changed to rap/hip-hop, dance, and ballad.

In the case of other singers such as Twice, IZone, and Seventeen mentioned in the article, the J-POP mark has been deleted as well.

In a call with SBS, Melon said, "We have taken measures to avoid exposing the part of the J-POP genre that may be misleading about Korean artists," and "Overall improvement plans are under review."

(Interview and composition: Eul-sun Cho, editor: Hee-ju Cha)