The late actor Choi Jin-sil's son, Choi Hwan-hee, expressed his desire to escape from the shadow of his mother and be recognized as an independent existence.

Choi Hwan-hee appeared as a guest on SBS Plus' Kang Ho-dong's Babsim', which aired on November 30.

He recently transformed into a rapper named'G-Flat' and made his official debut as a hip-hop musician.

Choi Hwan-hee, who turned 20 this year, said, "I can stay over 10 o'clock in a PC room and drink alcohol," and said, "I can't drink alcohol."

He also said, "Now I'm 20 years old, I have to take my grandmother," he said, saying that he is currently living with his maternal grandmother.

Regarding the recent status of his younger sister, Joon-hee Choi, he added, "I am going to school in the province, so I am living alone there."

Choi Jun-hee delivered news of the fight against Lupus disease last year.

Hwan-hee Choi said about the reason for finding'Kang Ho-dong's Babsim': "As I turned 20 and became an adult, I started walking a new path. I want to get good energy from the beginning, and around this time it is my mother's day, and I think of my mother. Mom. I also want to eat the food that I was given," he explained.

The dishes he wanted to eat were grilled beef sirloin and kimchi sujebi.

In particular, Choi Hwan-hee recalled, "My mother did a lot when I was younger. After the filming was over, I brought people in and boiled it in a large pot. It was very delicious and the atmosphere was very good," he recalled.

Choi Hwan-hee, who appeared on TV since she was a child and said she wanted to become a great actor like her mother, said, "I went to an acting academy when I was preparing for the entrance exam, but it didn't fit me too much. I have to show my feelings according to the script set by others. I liked music because I could express the feelings I want in my style. After attending the acting academy, I gradually moved away from acting.”

In addition, she also told a later story that her maternal grandmother's opposition occurred because she suddenly changed her course from acting to music and said she would not go to college.

Choi Hwan-hee also explained how he fell in love with hip-hop.

He said, "Since I was a child, I had a gentle and fast-growing image of myself that I had built up from that time on TV. I have a different background from other people, but sometimes I look compared to others, sometimes others I was envious of the mediocrity of the woman. I didn't choose what I had, so I envied that mediocrity."

“Every time I thought about that, I looked for songs that I could sympathize with and made me feel comfortable. I listened evenly, and then I just stuck with hip-hop. Other genres of songs are focused on love to some extent, but hip-hop is a theme song that I can handle. There is no limit and it is diverse. I thought, how would I like to make a song about my emotions and experiences.”

Choi Hwan-hee, who felt the joy of writing rap lyrics and made up his mind when he got on the school stage and said, "I have to do music," stood on a new starting line under the name'Z-Flat'.

He said, "I'm not an ordinary person. I was born with famous parents and lived with some benefits. There were a lot of bad things," he said. "People also said,'Because I'm Choi Jin-sil's son, wherever I go, there will be benefits','I'll do well.' "It doesn't matter if such a word comes out in everyday life."

But, "I just liked the music, and if I couldn't do music, I wouldn't have started. I started music because I know how well I can do music. I'm worried about the sound source or something that people's reactions are ' Choi Jin-sil's son," he said, "because the company is tight," and he said he was treated as a parachute."

"Honestly, even when the article comes out now, it is labeled as'Choi Jin-sil son.' After removing the label'Choi Jin-sil son', I got out of my mother's shade, and in a way, that shade was the shade that protected me. I want to live."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Sunae)