And above all, happy holidays to all!


Laurent Delnau, Jeremy Royer, Vanessa Pierre, Can Bektas

Oh oh oh !

The first day of December is approaching dangerously (to tell the truth it's in a few hours), and with it the whole Advent period, so dear to many families.

The holidays will have a different flavor this year, that's for sure.

However, there are many who are in need of a good breath of Christmas magic.

In all fairness, at

20 Minute

s, we're one of them.

We asked our Internet users to send us their most beautiful photos of all kinds of illuminations, just to rekindle the flame in the hearth of the fireplace that is 2020. The least we can say is that we were not disappointed: light decorations, garlands and trees ... In the gallery below, you can admire how some of them took care to cover their houses with luminous adornments.

Until you can celebrate the holidays, that should give you some hope.

In any case, on us it worked.

You can also continue to send us by clicking on the button, just before the photos.

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