On Saturday, the jubilation of supporters of the supposedly elected President Biden was overshadowed by an unexpectedly flashed video on social networks with a speech by the liberal political scientist Farid Zakaria.

Favorite talking head of ex-US President B.H.

Obama, with a worried look, talked about how President Trump can stay in power even after losing the election - and in full accordance with the US Constitution.

“This is a terrible reality,” Zakaria lamented.

As you know, the president of the United States is not elected by the people, but by special representatives of the state, who form the electoral college.

The college has 538 electors, so the winner of the race is the one who gets the votes of its 270 members.

Zakaria reminded viewers that electors are determined by popular vote in each state, but it turns out that this "is not a constitutional obligation."


Then Zakaria painted a picture, well known to everyone who followed the vicissitudes of the elections.

Trump led the race at first, but then mail-in ballot papers tipped the balance in Biden's favor, sparking a flurry of protests and lawsuits.

And then, "in view of this confusion, the legislatures (of the states) decide for themselves to choose electors," Zakaria predicted.

The Constitution does not prohibit them from this!

And in eight of the nine key wavering states, Republicans control legislatures.

The conflict between the parties in these states (it is no coincidence that they are no longer called swing states, but battleground states in this campaign) will lead to the fact that competing electoral lists from several key states will be sent to Congress in Washington.

All that is left for Congress to do is to declare the voting results for these states invalid, and Biden loses his 270 electoral votes.

Following this, the procedure for electing a president - again, in full compliance with the US Constitution - is transferred to the lower house of Congress (the Senate elects a vice president).

In the House of Representatives, the Democrats are technically the majority, but not all Congressmen vote, but two people from each state, and there are more Republican states at the moment.

The alignment with such a vote will be 26 votes for Trump against 23 for Biden.

The result is the re-election of Donald Trump.

“Trump doesn't even need to do anything other than just accept this result, which is constitutional,” laments Zakaria.


It is especially scary that this insidious plan to retain power by Trump was presented not just anywhere, but on the air of the main mouthpiece of the progressists and liberals - their newspaper Pravda and the program Vremya in one bottle - the CNN channel.

True, attentive users noticed that the video in which Zakaria, rolling his eyes, frightened the respectable audience, did not appear on CNN this weekend, but ... September 27, more than a month before the elections.

Why the Democrats released such horror stories then is understandable.

It was required to mobilize Baiden's electorate as much as possible, because the machinations are machinations, and live voters are also needed.

But now that the game seems to have been played, Biden is already staffing his administration with might and main (from trusted Obama personnel, including Jen Psaki as a press secretary) and, it seems, all world leaders (except the presidents of Russia and Brazil) congratulated him, the need for such propaganda disappeared.

Nevertheless, the video is actively walking on the American Internet, performing now a completely different task - inspiring Trump supporters, many of whom were already ready to admit the defeat of their president.

The struggle is really not over yet, no matter how much the democrats want to believe in their victory.

And it goes on several fronts at once.

Pennsylvania has overturned a lower court's decision to suspend certification of state voting results, which was previously issued by Judge Patricia McCullough.

McCullough (Republican) insisted that a bill passed by the Pennsylvania Congress in 2019 to allow voting by mail violates the state constitution.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court (five of the seven justices of which are Democrats) disagreed with McCullough, saying the challenge to the state's mail-order laws "came too late."

The Shapiro State Attorney General (the same one who announced Biden's victory even before election day) was delighted and called the court's decision "another victory for democracy."

Trump's lawyers, however, were not embarrassed by this decision of a democratic get-together.

The indefatigable Rudy Giuliani gave an exclusive interview to the growing One America National Network, where he stated that "the trial in Pennsylvania ended exactly as the president's team of lawyers wanted," and now they have every reason to bring the case to the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ...

The same scenario is envisioned by the team for two other disputed states - Georgia and Michigan.

The events there may be even more interesting, because the same Sidney Powell, about whom I wrote about in my last column, kept her promise and "released the Kraken" - as she metaphorically called the lawsuits she had prepared against the authorities of Georgia and Michigan.

Both lawsuits were indeed "epic" - at 104 and 75 pages, respectively.

Both lawsuits allege that the rigging of the presidential elections was carried out through several fraudulent schemes.

"The old-fashioned ballot box stuffing" has been "reinforced and made virtually invisible by computer software created and used by local and foreign players for this very purpose," Powell said.

Sensational statements by a lawyer from Texas about hacking of Dominion voting machines and their control from abroad made a splash even before the lawsuits were filed, but it turned out that this was not just a figment of Powell's rich imagination, but quite a serious expert opinion.

And if in the first media reports a certain anonymous "analyst from the 305th military intelligence battalion" was mentioned, then closer to the weekend, the main witness Powell acquired a name.

And this name turned out to be well known - at least in the US intelligence community.

Powell's expert and main witness was Dr. Navid Kershavartz-Nia, a leading cybersecurity expert in the American intelligence services.

Dr. Navid (we will call him that for short) has completed training at DIA, CIA, NSA, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ...

He has over 30 years of experience in national security, including security risk assessments, internal threats, incident response and threat search exercises to identify complex persistent threats.

He is a large database architecture specialist and an expert on cloud security in cloud computing, blockchain technology, and Big Data analysis solutions.

Just two and a half months ago, The New York Times published a long article about a multimillion-dollar scam carried out by impudent fraudster Harry Courtney, posing as an undercover CIA agent.

Courtney visited the heads of large private companies, presented himself as the head of a secret task force and persuaded them to "informally finance" dangerous work for the good of the Fatherland.

Gullible American moneybags gave money, believing that they were doing their patriotic duty.

In total, Courtney “warmed up” the patriotic businessmen by $ 4.4 million.

The money was transferred to the account of the fake clerk using cunning blockchain schemes, and it was Dr. Navid who managed to expose him, following the digital trail.

The New York Times enthusiastically quoted operatives who worked with him: "He was always the smartest person in the room."

And the Washington Monthly, in the article "The Spy Who Was a Rogue," called Dr. Navid a hero.

And now this 'diamond expert' CIA and FBI said: “I come to the conclusion with great confidence that the data for the 2020 elections have been changed in all fluctuating states, as a result of which hundreds of thousands of votes for President Trump were transferred to Biden ".

The expert opinion, signed by Dr. Navid, contains many interesting details.

For example, optical scanners in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia are said to have been configured to handle unauthorized ballots.

In addition, the information from the scanners was not recorded, so now it is not possible to check the data received on the night of the counting of votes - and this is not an error or a bug, but a preprogrammed feature.

Voting by mail "for Biden" in these states, physically, could not give the results announced by the election commissions.

For example, in the electoral commission of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) it was impossible to pass through four scanners 400 thousand ballots in two to three hours.

In the conclusion of Dr. Navid (and this is not just a piece of paper, but the so-called affidavit, that is, a certified under oath certificate) there are more sensational statements.

For example, it is said about a cryptographic key to the Dominion system stolen several months before the elections, which was used to change the vote count.

The most striking statement, perhaps, concerns the infamous Skytl servers in Frankfurt.

A well-known conspiracy theory claims that units of the US Army, stationed in Germany, carried out a "raid" on the company's office and hijacked a computer server containing reliable results of the 2020 elections.

This data, if the conspiracy theorists are to be believed, show that Trump won a landslide victory with 410 electoral votes.

Both Pentagon representatives and Skytl management denied this information, and the head of the company emphasized that Skytl does not have an office in Frankfurt (headquartered in Barcelona).

Most likely, there really was no raid, but there is still a server in Frankfurt (those who have an understanding of IT technologies understand that an office is not needed for this).

And if a leading American cybersecurity expert claims that as a result of a cyberattack on voting machines, data from them were sent to Skytl servers in Germany, this at least means that the words of the company's management that Skytl “does not count the votes in the elections in USA ”are not true.

It is not difficult to imagine what would have started in the American media if Dr. Navid had made a statement about Russia's interference in the 2016 elections (it was precisely such an expert opinion that was required by the Mueller Commission to prove Trump's connection with the Kremlin, but for some reason it was not found).

However, now we are talking about the 2020 elections and about interference from China, Venezuela and Cuba (in the lawsuit Powell also mentions Iran) - so this is not an interesting topic for the "free American press".

With the near-total control of the media, the chances of Dr. Navid's findings even reaching the general public are slim.

But it doesn't matter anymore, for two reasons.

First, Powell, like Giuliani, does not count on the courts of the "wavering states", but on the US Supreme Court.

And in this most authoritative Areopagus in the country they know very well who Dr. Navid is and what his competencies are.

Second, no matter how the legal battles in the faltering states and in Washington ended, the 2020 presidential election has already gone down in American history as the dirtiest and most dishonest.

Recently, CNBC, together with Change Research, conducted a poll, which revealed that only 3% of voters who voted for Trump believe that Biden won a legitimate victory.

73% of voters consider the current president to be the winner of the election and are sure that his second term was stolen from him (another 24% found it difficult to answer).

And according to research by YouGov, a US market data analyst, 89% of Trump supporters believe the election was rigged.

In other words, nine out of ten Republicans are convinced that Biden is not the legitimately elected president.

“Dangerous mistrust won the election in the US,” lamented The Hill columnist Joe Concha.

This is the real Kraken - a monster set free by Trump's enemies, who so wanted to throw the president they hated out of the White House that they did not even stop at killing.

By killing a slightly naive and old-fashioned American belief in the triumph of democracy.

The author's point of view may not coincide with the position of the editorial board.