Haye van der Heyden has started an online publisher with which he hopes to get young people to read more.

The publisher bearing the name Vogelvrij specializes in books that only cost the reader an hour and a half.

Van der Heyden says in a press release that young people no longer read because there is a "deadly boringness" surrounding it.

"They don't want to wrestle themselves through complicated literary sentences and therefore prefer to watch a film," thinks the writer, known for his work for series such as

Kees & Co


Familie Kruys


He especially hopes to attract readers who normally prefer to skip a book, because it takes too much time.

The books that do not take longer than an hour and a half or two hours to read, offer a nice change between binge watching, according to Van der Heyden.

Vogelvrij will publish a new e-book every month.

A subscription costs the reader 25 euros per year.

The first book, written by Gijs Muller, will be published in January 2021 and is entitled

Dame Blanche