The drama series


, about the relationship between the famous interviewer Ischa Meijer and the equally well-known author Connie Palmen, can be seen on NPO1 from 28 December.

This is reported by the AVRORTOS broadcaster in a press release.

The series directed by Michiel van Erp (photo), which is based on the eponymous book by Palmen, consists of four episodes.

Palmen is played by actress and musician Wende Snijders.

Ischa Meijer is played by actor Ramsey Nasr.

There are also roles for Guy Clemens, Hugo Koolschijn, Elise Schaap and Carly Wijs.

In 1991, when Palmen was 34 years old, she gave an interview to Meijer (48 at the time). Palmen had just written her successful debut novel

De Wetten

. The interview marks the beginning of their relationship, which would end with Meijer's death in 1995.