Today (30th) morning was also quite cold.

Temperatures in many areas have dropped below freezing.

In Seoul, it was 3.6 degrees below zero, similar to yesterday, and in Paju, the temperature plummeted to 8.9 degrees below zero. Even if the temperature rises during the day, the highest temperature will be around 4 degrees with a cold wind blowing all day.

The temperature you feel is lower than this, so please dress well.

Meanwhile, as the sunny weather continues, the atmosphere is getting dry.

Following the east coast region, at 10 am, a special report on construction has been expanded to Daegu and some southern coast regions.

Please be aware of fire accidents.

Currently, the sky is clear and the air is clean. In the future, there will be a little more snow until daytime in the Jeju mountains, and there will be a place where raindrops fall sporadically on the west coast of Jeollanam-do.

The highest temperature during the day will stay at 4 degrees in Seoul and 7 degrees in Daejeon and Jeonju.

For the time being, it is generally clear, and in the morning and evening, the subzero cold will continue.

(Meteorological Caster Tae Bin)