Streaming service Peacock has apologized for jokes about Selena Gomez's kidney transplant in the

Saved By the Bell


An episode that appeared on Wednesday shows how two characters talk about the transplant and make false suggestions about who the donor is.

After a fuss about the scene, the service tells American media that it was not intended to pretend that the health of the singer is not important.

In the episode, two characters walk through the school building and talk about Gomez's transplant.

For example, a girl says she thinks the singer received a kidney from the mother of her ex Justin Bieber, but her classmate is convinced that the kidney came from her former best friend Demi Lovato.

It is also written in graffiti on the school wall: "Does Selena Gomez have kidneys?"

Gomez has the autoimmune disease lupus and got a new kidney from her best friend Francia Raisa in 2017.

That the streaming service was joking about her health did not appeal to fans.

They shared their dissatisfaction on Twitter.

"Selena almost died, jokes about her kidney transplant are not funny," wrote one fan.

"Joking about someone's illness is never funny. It's so mean and unfair. Selena doesn't deserve that and no one else deserves it," said another.

Gomez herself has not yet responded to the fuss, but Peacock says she has contacted her team to make an apology.

The streaming service also makes a donation to the singer's fund that contributes to research into lupus.