On November 28, a Red Star News reporter learned from Wang Xiang, who was involved in the incident of "doctors persuading patients to control their diets against being broken by family members." The patient's family member Yu, who kicked him in the ward on suspicion of intentional injury, was transferred to the prosecutor for review Prosecute.

  According to a previous report by Red Star News ("The doctor persuaded the patient to control his diet but was detained for 3 days because of his family's fracture, the doctor refused to accept and sue the police"), in March 2020, the 80-year-old patient Pu Mou was told to "pay attention to eating with high blood sugar" He was depressed. The attending doctor Wang Xiang was found out by the patient’s son, Yu. The two sides quarreled and pushed in the ward. During the push, Wang Xiang punched the other’s eyes twice, and Yu kicked Wang Xiang. His left knee was fractured.

  According to the police appraisal notice provided by Wang Xiang, according to the forensic examination, Wang Xiang’s left knee anterior cruciate ligament was partially ruptured and the loss was grade 2 for minor injuries, and the left knee had an avulsion fracture at the tibial inter-ankle spine, and the fracture line did not reach the bone marrow. Cavity, the degree of damage is minor.

Wang Xiang’s injury identification The pictures in this article are all from Red Star News

  After the incident, the police determined that the two beat each other, and Yu and Wang Xiang were sentenced to administrative detention for 7 and 3 days by the Public Security Bureau of Hanshan County, Anhui.

Due to the incident, the detention was suspended.

  Wang Xiang was dissatisfied with this and he filed an administrative reconsideration with the Public Security Bureau of Ma'anshan City, requesting the cancellation of the penalty decision.

He believes that Yu first verbally insulted him and pushed hard, and hitting the opponent with one hand while avoiding was self-defense and did not cause harmful consequences.

On June 28, the Maanshan City Public Security Bureau upheld the penalty decision.

  Wang Xiang then took Hanshan County Public Security Bureau and Maanshan City Public Security Bureau to court.

On August 28, the case was heard in the First Court of the Yuhua District Court of Ma'anshan City.

Wang Xiang told Red Star News that the verdict has not yet been pronounced.

  On November 17, the Hanshan County Public Security Bureau delivered a case filing notice to Wang Xiang, stating that, after review, it was found that Yu's case of deliberately injuring crime had criminal facts and needed to be opened for investigation.

According to relevant laws and regulations, the decision was made to file a case.

The notice of case filing delivered to Wang Xiang from the Public Security Bureau of Hanshan County.

  On November 19, the Hanshan County Procuratorate informed Wang Xiang in writing that the prosecution had received the case materials of Yu's case involving the crime of intentional injury transferred from the Hanshan County Public Security Bureau for review and prosecution, and stated that it had the right to appoint an agent ad litem.