After the announcement of strict restrictions on Ma Baoguo’s videos, station B has not been able to retrieve Ma Baoguo’s spoof videos

  On the evening of November 28th, @哔哩哔哩弹幕网 issued an announcement: In order to correct the enthusiasm that some commercial organizations want to take advantage of the Ma Baoguo phenomenon, hype and harvest traffic for profit.

From now on, the relevant video content of Ma Baoguo will be strictly restricted, reviewed and managed.

  Later, some netizens pointed out that it was no longer possible to retrieve Ma Baoguo-related spoof videos on the video website Bilibili ("Station B" for short).

On the evening of November 29, The Paper ( searched station B using "Ma Baoguo" as the key word. The 19 search results were all related videos criticizing Ma Baoguo by name.

  In addition, the official Weibo of Sina Weibo community management @微博Admin also issued an announcement on November 29 that the fan group related to Ma Baoguo had been disbanded.

  At 10 o'clock on November 29th, @微博Administrator issued an announcement stating that Ma Baoguo, who claims to be a "master of martial arts", has attracted the attention of public opinion because of his misleading words and deeds. Recently, many netizens have created a wave of ironic criticism of him.

However, as the popularity of public opinion has risen, there has also been a trend of malicious hype.

In order to effectively prevent this trend, in addition to normal satirical criticism content, Weibo will strictly control and review the content of malicious marketing hype.

And the fan group related to Ma Baoguo has been disbanded.

  In May of this year, Ma Baoguo, who claimed to be the "master of Hunyuan Xingyi Taijiquan", was knocked down three times in 30 seconds in front of the audience. After his failure, his ridiculous Leiyu was subsequently turned and his popularity rose.

  On November 28, the WeChat public account "People’s Daily" published an article on People’s Sharp, stating, "Some of Ma Baoguo’s words and deeds are actually grandstanding and bluffing. In the final analysis, it is a farce. Promoting traditional martial arts all the time. It hurts traditional martial arts. He denounces young people for not talking about martial arts, but he himself has no righteousness, cautious words and deeds, and respect for traditional martial arts."

  The article emphasized, "This farce with Ma Baoguo as the theme should end. If you really talk about martial arts, Ma Baoguo should retreat from the farce. For those behind him, it is a wise choice to stop as soon as possible, otherwise it must be done. Lost money. For those Internet platforms that are keen on traffic and fueling the flames, if they still have a minimum sense of social responsibility, they should immediately stop providing communication channels for this kind of "scene farce". At the same time, we also call on the relevant departments, right The implementation of social responsibilities on the Internet platform has strengthened supervision. All sectors of society will jointly protect the core values, keep the bottom line, and don't let the farce go on."

  On the evening of the 28th, station B issued an announcement stating that recently, a private person named Ma Baoguo, who claimed to be the “master of Hunyuan Xingyi Taiji Gate”, became popular on the Internet due to his eye-catching events and words and deeds.

During the period, users of station B made a series of videos to satirize them and express their criticism of this bad phenomenon.

  The announcement pointed out that at the same time, B station found that some commercial organizations wanted to use the heat of the Ma Baoguo phenomenon to speculate and harvest traffic for profit. B station firmly opposed such values ​​and behaviors.

In order to correct this trend and not to give malicious speculators a chance, station B will strictly restrict, review, and manage Ma Baoguo related video content from now on, guide users, restore the original appearance of the character incident, and fulfill the social responsibility of the platform.

  The Paper Journalist Jiang Ziwen