[Explanation] On November 29, the 2020 Chengdu Marathon, a candidate for the World Marathon, started again.

In the end, former national team female long-distance runner Ding Changqin won the women's team championship with a score of 2:34:58.

 It is understood that the 2020 Chengdu Marathon is hosted by the Chengdu Municipal People's Government, with a scale of 10,000 people.

As the only candidate for the World Marathon Grand Slam in China, this year's Chengdu Marathon will provide 200 places for the 2021 World Marathon Grand Slam age group.

 It is worth mentioning that Ding Changqin, who won the championship in the women's group, and Guan Siyang, who won the runner-up in the men's group, are a couple, and they can be called the "best partners" of the marathon.

For Ding Changqin to finish the race with such excellent results, the husband Guan Siyang congratulated his wife and also felt very distressed. He said that this was completely out of the plan.

 [Concurrent] Guan Siyang, runner-up of 2020 Chengdu Marathon Men's Division

 I hope she can run well, but at first I planned that I didn’t want her to run so fast, because she just ran a full marathon last week. I wanted her to adjust a little bit slower, but I didn’t expect the scenery of the track in Chengdu. It was so good, and then she also confiscated it, and then ran so fast, it was also an accident.

 [Explanation] Ding Changqin and Guan Siyang met in the national long-distance running team in 2013. In daily training and exchanges in life, Guan Siyang admires Ding Changqin's low-key personality and beautiful face. The two often help each other and get along Also very tacit.

It is reported that in October of this year, the two men became a husband and wife. The Chengdu Marathon was also a "honeymoon run" for the two.

 [Concurrent] 2020 Chengdu Marathon Women's Champion Ding Changqin

 Both of us were athletes of professional teams, so we also like the marathon and sports, including that we are now down to work and retired, and then we still keep this love because we like running and we like running. The happiness it brings includes physical health.

Of course, because we like each other, we say that we will encourage each other in every game and achieve each other.

 [Explanation] During the race, the Chengdu Marathon Organizing Committee provided tens of thousands of special delicacies such as sweet water noodles, hot pot powder, tofu brain, and Bobo chicken along the way, and staged a gourmet feast on the premise of fully ensuring the epidemic prevention requirements and competition safety. .

 [Concurrent] 2020 Chengdu Marathon Women's Champion Ding Changqin

 It's beautiful, and today's weather and temperature are very suitable for a marathon, and there are many cheerleaders on the roadside, including enthusiastic citizens, and our lovely pandas.

Especially (track) about 40 kilometers, there may be a lot of Chengdu snacks, but because we can't eat them if we run, but many mass runners will definitely eat them, it is very fragrant and fragrant.

 [Explanation] As a large-scale event to be held in Chengdu before the Chengdu Universiade in 2021, this year's Chengma will send out a number of "university benefits": the top three of this event will be invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the Universiade; The top 100 can watch important events of the Universiade for free.

 Reporter He Xi from Chengdu

Editor in charge: [Zhang Aolin]