Singer Valentina.


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“I feel like I'm in a dream and I'm going to wake up from a fairy tale.

It is magic.

"Joined this Sunday evening by telephone by

20 Minutes

a quarter of an hour after her victory at Eurovision Junior - the first won by France in four participations - Valentina was on a cloud.

It must be said that the announcement of the results was there on the side of the adrenaline rush and emotional lift.

“I felt very stressed.

It was great that the dancers were with me because we were able to laugh together, they made me relax, ”she emphasizes.

Following the votes of the national juries, the French singer emerged at the top of the ranking with 88 points, ahead of Kazakhstan (83) and Belarus (73).

You did it !

@ValentinaOff_ is the big winner of the # EurovisionJunior2020!

Thank you all and well done Valentina !!!!!!!


- Eurovision France 🇫🇷 (@ EurovisionF2) November 29, 2020

Not enough to prevent him from having his feet on the ground: "I told myself that nothing was played," she says.

The results of the public votes were then announced, backwards in the ranking, that is to say that the number of points awarded to France was revealed last.

“I was very stressed, I wanted to know so much,” says Valentina.

We understand it.

Moreover, those who followed the show live on France 2, should not be more zen.

At the height of suspense, it was a question of whether the French would manage to glean enough points to exceed the total of 152 obtained by the singer of Kazakhstan.

She needed 65. She got… 112.

"I cried directly"

At the announcement of the victorious total, the French delegation, gathered in a Parisian TV studio for the occasion, exulted.

“I cried straight away,” Valentina recalls.

Indeed, his tears of joy were broadcast live on the small screen while Stéphane Bern and Carla - who had finished 5th in the Eurovision Junior last year - commented on the scene.

Before hanging up - the conversation lasted two minutes and thirty seconds, she was due to go to the official press conference - Valentina addressed a note to the viewers who voted for her: "I thank them from the bottom of my heart, that" is thanks to all these people that I won, so a big thank you!

We imagine that on the other side of the phone, she displays the big smile that she never gets rid of during her media appearances.

A member of Kids United, a new generation, the 11-year-old artist already has the attitude of a pro.

When asked if this remote edition - no candidate went to Poland, in charge of the organization, and all had recorded their performance in their country - did not make her weird, she replied: "I think that it's already great that the Eurovision Junior has managed to take place.

I am very happy about it.

The “adults” edition, which was to take place in the spring in the Netherlands, had been canceled due to the health crisis.

This Sunday evening, among eleven other candidatures for the most part dark and anxiety-provoking, it is the bubble of colors and lightness offered by Valentina which was acclaimed.

His song


invites optimism: “So it's true, it's not always joy.

In our hearts, it's a bit like a fight.

And you tomorrow, what are you doing?

Imagine with me!

“In this chaotic year that is 2020, we really need an enchanted tomorrow, with a little Valentina on her cloud of happiness.


Cock-a-doodle Doo !

Thanks to Valentina, France wins the Eurovision Junior 2020


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