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  • Today, “Noir de lune” by Estelle Tolliac, published on November 26, 2020 by Les Nouveaux Auteurs editions.

Marceline Bodier, contributor to the

20 Minutes


reading group

, recommends

Noir de lune

 by Estelle Tolliac, published on November 26, 2020 by Les Nouveaux Auteurs.

Her favorite quote:

“I… I truly believe that the mirage of peace that we have lived in since the end of the Black War is clouding again.

Perhaps in this world of vice and barbarism, only a handful of innocent young people can triumph over danger ... More than ever, the future belongs to young people ... "

Why this book?

  • Because readers who remember what it is to jubilate

    with Alexandre Dumas will recognize themselves in it.

    You know, this lost pleasure of childhood, that of immersed reading, impossible to let go and that we only agree to give up during the day in exchange for the certainty that the adventures of the heroes live with us , in us, before finding them again at night?

    This pleasure, but in a modern writing, adapted to our time… it is exactly what we found in

    Noir de Lune


  • Because readers who swear by Tolkien will find their way there too



    Noir de Lune

    , we find fantastic elements: societies are imaginary, peoples have magical powers, tales, legends and folklore dominate the destinies.

    What a joy to discover these mythical peoples: wouldn't you like to be able to age and rejuvenate in an instant, like one, or not be afraid of being blind, like the other, so much is his capacity to develop his other senses? pushed to the extreme?

    By reading

    Noir de Lune

    , you will be in turn.

  • Because readers who are wary of the tricks of magic

    will revel in this novel which is very subtle on the psychological level, even if it takes away material certainties.

    Everything is consistent in this world parallel to ours, as different as possible in its setting but as close as possible in the reactions of the characters: the magical powers always have a psychological meaning, and even the battles are jubilant, because we always feel the metaphorical significance of the routes by which victory was imposed.

  • Because you said “women's bodies”? 

    In the submerged world of Guernanor, there were no men: women fathered women without male intervention.

    They fought, they were feared warriors.

    But they also knew how to form alliances and unite with rulers with whom they then had daughters and sons.

    And the day their last descendant survives, all the ambivalence of her lineage is found in her: to fulfill her Destiny, and to express her freedom.

  • Because it's a fairly long novel;

    but believe us, when it ends,

    we are disappointed that it is already over, so much the pleasure of reading really takes on all its meaning when it comes to allowing us to live an intense second life next to the one said to be true , whoever she is.

    It is likely that by turning the last page, you will be angry with the editor who dared to interrupt the story at a time when you want to do anything but abandon the characters to their fate.

    Rest assured, the rest is already scheduled and we who have also read it (for having been part of the jury for the

    20 Minutes

    of the novel


    ), we tell you: hurry up.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot.

Noir de Lune

is the epic story of young people, vectors of renewal in the face of old, exhausted powers.

Threats of war, diplomatic acrobatics, fights… and love stories: their path is strewn with pitfalls.

But where does the worst adversity come from: from the declared enemy, from the close friend… or from oneself?


“No one can see her, no one should speak to her.

"Also, what emotion paralyzes the reader when Moon, the O'haï," Destiny ", breaks her silence under the thickness of her veils to make her voice heard ... an exceptional female character, carried by companions and enemies to its measure.


 If the book is not accompanied by a map although the author has created a real world, it is because the places, from the refuge of the Abbey of Pre to the monumental Antharite citadel of Liodorsc, are so well described that one has the precise memory of having lived there the time of a book.

The time.

 As in fantasy novels, there is an obscure sense of a timeless medieval world.

However, without hesitation, we can say that the novel takes place in 2020. Because at what other time can we have more need to live in an epic time where everything is possible, than this year?

The author.

 Estelle Tolliac is a French teacher, and with

Noir de Lune,

she signs a first novel carried by the enthusiasm of her first readers within the jury of the 20 Minutes of the novel prize, among whom the novelist Maxime Chattam.

She's swept absolutely everything in her path, and that's just the start.

This book was read with

 immense jubilation in the face of a work that immerses us in a world where nothing is missing: characters, sets, costumes, adventures, reversals and strong emotions ... without having to go through one. screen.

The paper book has not said its last word!

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