Author: Zhuhuan Yao Yan Yu Liu Zhongjun

  Recently, "The World of Dingzheng" has been popular all over the Internet, living at the foot of the Gnie Snow Mountain, riding a horse on the grassland, lying on the grass enjoying the blue sky and white clouds, holding a handful of lake water and gently slaps on the face...

Source: Zhongxin Video

  Under the camera, Ding Zhen's every move showed the wild nature of the original ecology, which also attracted the attention of netizens to the pure and clean hometown of Ding Zhen behind the camera-Ganzi, Sichuan.

Source: Zhongxin Video

  Lying on the southeastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Ganzi is located in the western part of Sichuan Province, at the junction of Sichuan, Yunnan, Tibet and Qinghai, with undulating mountains and rivers.

Go to Ganzi!

Take a look at Ding Zhen’s hometown. The scenery here is pleasant, like a paradise. There are blue sky and white clouds, snow-capped mountains and glaciers, white pagodas, Khampa guys...

Here is the "City of the Sky"-Litang

  "Welcome to Litang as a guest."

  Ding Zhen, who was praised "with stars in his eyes," sent a sincere invitation.

Litang Genie Scenic Area.

Photo by Wang Dui

  Litang is the place that Cangyang Gyatso yearns for.

  Visit the "Thousand Households Tibetan Village",

  Admire the traditional Tibetan community composed of more than 4,000 traditional Tibetan houses;

  Glide and ride horses in the "drunken beauty" alpine meadows;

The Eye of Litang Genie.

Photo by Wang Dui

  Explore the "Eye of Gnie" under the mountain;

  Watch the big horse races in the Kham area...

  Remember Ding Zhen’s dream is to be the "Prince of Horse Racing"?

  In fact, horse racing culture is one of the core cultures of nomads.

  The horse racing festival originated from the Zhuanshan Club in June of the Tibetan calendar.

  Has a history of hundreds of years.

Litang Horse Racing Festival scene.

Photo courtesy of Ganzi Cultural Tourism

  During the horse racing festival,

  The flat and beautiful grassland became lively and noisy,

  Thousands of Tibetan tents will bloom here.

  The prairie riders suddenly stand on their horses, hide their stomachs,

  Suddenly leaned over to pick up the Hada, and suddenly shot,

  It is dazzling and makes the grasslands boil with blood.

Here is the "Soul of Shangri-La"-Aden, Daocheng

  In the movie "Passing Through Your World",

  Daocheng Yading is the place where the protagonist Chen Moxiang goes with his beloved.

Xian Nai Ri Snow Mountain.

Photo courtesy of the Publicity Department of Ganzi Prefecture Committee

  Aden, Daocheng, known as "Soul of Shangri-La"

  And "The Last Shangri-La",

  Praised by international friends

  "The last piece of pure land on the water blue planet",

  It is a paradise for photography lovers.

Yang Maiyong Snow Mountain.

Photo courtesy of Ganzi Cultural Tourism

  The three snow peaks of Xiannairi, Yang Maiyong and Shanuo Duoji

  With surrounding rivers, lakes and alpine meadows

  It constitutes a series of beautiful landscape paintings.

Here is the "Hometown of Love Songs"-Kangding

  "On the sledding hill, a slick cloud,

  The pictures were taken in the city of Kangding..."

  A "Kangding Love Song" became popular in Kangding,

  It arouses countless tourists' yearning for this small city.

Huguangshanse Mugecuo.

Photo by Sun Chengwu

  In the daytime, the vast lake of Mugecuo is like a mirror,

  Reflected in the blue sky and become deep blue,

  It is like a "Plateau Pearl" inlaid under Gongga Mountain.

Muya Holy Land Scenic Area.

Photo by Li Qiang

  At night, Paoma Mountain and Guo Da Mountain are full of stars.

  Zheduo River and Yala River are accompanied by the rustling wind,

  It's like singing a love song.

Here is the "king of Shushan"-Gongga Mountain

  Gongga Mountain is the highest mountain in Sichuan Province.

  At an altitude of 7556 meters, it is called the "King of Shushan",

The realm of Gongga.

Photo by Liu Pingbo

  The summit platform is covered with snow and ice all year round,

  Has a unique glacier wonder.

Rhododendrons surround Gongga Mountain.

Photo by Huang Yongbang

  Rizhao Jinshan, glacier wonders, pure color azaleas...

  In spring, the birds and flowers are scented, and autumn is full of red leaves,

  Gongga Mountain is so beautiful.

  There is "Glacier Forest Park"-Hailuogou

  Hailuogou is located at the foot of Gongga Xuefeng.

  It is known as the "low-altitude modern glacier".

Summer Red Stone in Hailuogou Scenic Area.

Photo courtesy of Ganzi Cultural Tourism

  The magnificent glacier and the forest symbiosis, it is extremely strange;

  Majestic Big Ice Falls

  Like a galaxy falling straight down from the blue sky, it is spectacular;

Beautiful view of Hailuogou.

Photo by Liu Zhongjun

  Crystal glaciers pour down from the high valley,

  Huge ice caves, steep ice bridges, towering primitive forests...

  People sigh the magic of nature.

Here is the "Chinese Landscape Avenue"-National Highway 318

  National Highway 318 runs across the east, middle and west of China,

  Covering the landscape of plains, hills, basins, mountains and plateaus,

  It has high mountains and valleys from the Chengdu Plain to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,

  The thrilling, dangerous, superb, beautiful, majestic and magnificent landscape along the way,

  Awarded by "China National Geographic"

  "Chinese Landscape Avenue".

National Highway 318.

Photo courtesy of Ganzi Cultural Tourism

  The scenery along the way is ever-changing and colorful,

  Walking among them, you can experience

  "Different days across the mountains, there are four seasons in one day".

Here is "Photographer's Paradise"-Xinduqiao

  Xindu Bridge is located at the fork of National Highway 318,

  It is "photographer's paradise".

Put heavy makeup on Xinduqiao.

Photo by Liu Pingbo

  Magic light, endless grassland,

  The crooked creek, the golden cypress, the rolling hills,

  While the Tibetan villages are scattered, cattle and sheep are grazing intently...

  The "No Bridge" Xindu Bridge is a

  The fascinating "world of light and shadow".

Here is the "Eighth Beauty of China's Most Beautiful Landscape Avenue"-Moshi Park

  China Moshi Park Scenic Area

  Located in Daofu Bamei Town, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

  It is a national 4A-level tourist attraction, a world geological wonder,

  China’s only plateau stone forest landscape,

  Integrate sightseeing, experience, scientific research, and popular science values ​​into one,

  Known as "the eighth most beautiful avenue in China".

Moshi Park.

Photo courtesy of Ganzi Cultural Tourism

  Cao Mengde's poem says:

  "To the east is Jieshi, to view the sea, where the water is Dandan, and the mountains and islands stand upright."

  I was immersed in the scene and realized it.

  Overlooking Moshi Park, watching the mountains and the sea, the waves are endless;

  Close to Moshi Park, Yangshan Rock is upright, changing and majestic;

  Entering Ink Rock Park, the world retreats like a foreign land, only the starry sky remains.

There is "the world's largest Buddhist college"-Seda Wuming Buddhist College

  Seda has a long history,

  The ethnic and folk religious culture is extensive and profound,

  It is one of the birthplaces of "The Biography of King Gesar".

  It is also called the last piece of pure land in the world,

  Practitioners gathered here from all directions.

  Thousands of cabins in Seda

  Densely covered the slopes like ant nests,

  At a glance,

  Every house seems to have a similar color and structure,

  Layers are stacked, covering all from the bottom of the valley to the ridge.

  National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project——

  The Tibetan Opera of Sedar Gesar also shines here.

Here is the top of the "Six Most Beautiful Ancient Rural Towns in China"-Jiaju Zangzhai

  Jiaju Tibetan Village,

  Awarded by "Chinese National Geographic" magazine

  The top of "China's six most beautiful ancient rural towns".

Danba Tibetan Village.

Photo courtesy of Ganzi Cultural Tourism

  Cangzhai climbs up from the Dajin River valley layer by layer,

  The whole cottage relies on the undulating mountain,

  Blocks of Tibetan-style buildings are scattered among the green trees.

Danba Tibetan Village.

Photo courtesy of Ganzi Cultural Tourism

  The cooking smoke is curling,

  And the spiritual valley,

  With clear streams and snow-capped peaks,

  A pastoral picture scroll is displayed in front of people.

Here is the highest civilian airport in the world-Daocheng Yading Airport

  Ganzi Prefecture

  Is the only one in the country

  3 cities and prefectures with branch airports above 4000 meters above sea level,

  Ganzi Kangding Airport (4238 meters),

  Ganzi Gesar Airport (4068 meters)

  It is a 4C domestic branch airport in China, belonging to a high plateau airport,

Kangding Airport.

Photo by Wei Xiaoyu

  Daocheng Yading Airport (4411 meters above sea level)

  It is a 4C-level military-civilian branch airport, a first-class high-altitude airport,

  It is the highest civilian airport in the world.

Here is the bridge built during the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty-Luding Bridge

  Luding Bridge built in the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty,

  It was the first bridge across the Dadu River,

  It has a total length of 103.67 meters and a width of 3 meters, consisting of 13 chains.

  On the West Bridge Pavilion, engraved with the handwriting of Emperor Kangxi

  "Luding Bridge" the imperial stele stands majestically,

  Heng criticized "unification of mountains and rivers",

  It records the long history of Sino-Tibetan interoperability.

The Dadu Bridge is cold across the bridge.

Photo by Huang Yongbang

  For hundreds of years,

  Luding Bridge has witnessed the rising and falling of the moon on the Dadu River,

  Heard of the rumbling war in the revolutionary era.

  It coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of Ganzi Prefecture,

  From November 15th,

  In the past three months,

  Ganzi Prefecture implements free admission, half price for hotels, and discounts on air tickets

  Preferential policies in three major areas.

  This is Ding Zhen’s hometown,

  Such an alluring beauty,

  It coincides with the preferential intensity of "breaking bones",

  Are you sure not to come to Ganzi?