Will the dragon win "Mask Singer" season 2?



  • The penguin, the robot and the dragon are the three finalists of the second season of 

    Mask Singer


  • The show returned to the air last month with a slew of new stuff.

    What conclusions can we draw from it?

  • Rémi Faure, director of TF1 flow programs, takes stock of this season and reveals the main lines of the next one for 

    20 Minutes


The last time we saw a dragon on television was in the last episode of

Game of Thrones


Since then, TF1 has decided to put its own on the front of the stage with the (very cute) costume of a baby dragon, just out of its egg, in

Mask Singer


He will be on the program for the final of the second season, broadcast this Saturday, alongside the penguin and the robot.

Before discovering which are the celebrities who will have managed to reach the final without being unmasked, return on this second round of episodes at the more frantic pace and its many new features.

No huge star (but that's okay)

Besides the pretty costumes this season, the main attraction of the show is of course the celebrities who hide inside.

For this 2020 vintage, Laure Manaudou, Djibril Cissé and Dave took over from Smaïn, Karl Zéro and Yves Lecoq.

Overall, we still went up a notch, even if we are still waiting for Gérard Depardieu in the casting.

"One of the most important things is to have celebrities who play the game and who embody their characters," explains Rémi Faure, director of TF1's flow programs.

It is not a celebrity in a costume but a character who must be embodied on stage.

“No matter the real name of the shark or the spider, the celebrity must have fun with Camille Combal, taunt the investigators and put on a show.

Among the millions of viewers in front of

Mask Singer

on Saturday night, there are also celebrities.

And among them, some would like to dress up and sing anonymously on TF1.

"The broadcast brought us spontaneous applications or those of celebrities we had already called and who watched this season," says Rémi Faure.

Neither one nor two, the production has decided to advance the shooting of the third season with this new cast in hand, also taking advantage of the fact that some artists have less representation on stages or professional obligations due to the health crisis .

New products that will come back

For his second promotion,

Mask Singer

had decided to pack a lot of new products in his boxes, both in substance and in form.

This year, with two revelations per evening, the show has found an ideal rhythm not to stun the viewer with a series of performances.

The program was also punctuated by the arrival of the raven, a character whose goal is to help investigators in their research.

"The clues he gives are not eggs, I say it frankly," slipped Kev Adams during the press conference organized before the premiere.

The comedian has been heard and the production will see his copy again next year.

“The crow has to be a more incisive and disruptive character on the show.

It must happen in a less planned, less systematic way to provide precise and tangible clues, ”comments Rémi Faure.

The ominous bird will therefore return to surprise everyone and to upset the course of the game.

Another big surprise of the season: the participation of an international star, out of competition, in the second issue.

With Itziar Ituño, star of

La Casa de Papel

, the channel struck a big blow (at least with the fans of the series).

The experience should therefore be repeated “if the borders are open” at the time of filming.

Where are the young people (except in front of their TV)?

With, for the moment, an average age of celebrities at 51 years old, against 53 years old last year, we cannot say that the cast is more accessible to young audiences.

Influencers, YouTubers or Tiktokers could then erase some wrinkles from the show for its new season.

"These are things we are discussing, we try to have really younger profiles," explains the director of TF1 flow programs.

But you have to do it sparingly because the adult audience should not feel unaffected.


The production teams are already brainstorming arguments to convince the younger stars to take part in the show.

Maybe the trigger will come by showing them the costumes for the next season?

“Half of the costumes are prepared and they will be upgradeable,” reveals Rémi Faure.

With each bonus, we will bring something else that we can develop throughout the season.


Substantially equivalent audiences

Let's talk little, let's talk about numbers.

By moving from the box from Friday to Saturday evening,

Mask Singer

took the risk of seeing his audience decrease, since there are generally fewer people in front of his station on weekends.

The decline is ultimately very significant with an average of 4.8 million viewers (to date and without counting replays) against 5.2 million the previous year.

“We have a 50% audience share for children, and that's great for us because it means we bring families together in front of the TV.

This is the DNA of TF1.

"All that remains is to know how the family will react to the revelation of the names of the three personalities still at the game this Saturday.


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