In the spotlight: the safety law put to the test of the street in France

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Hundreds of demonstrations marched in Paris against the bill on "global security" on November 17, 2020 © AP Photo / Michel Euler

By: Norbert Navarro

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Political confusion continues around the law on " 

global security 

" in France, after the broadcast of the video showing police officers beating a black man last Saturday in Paris.

As reported on the front page of the newspaper

Le Parisien

, President Macron has also denounced "

 the images of shame".

This daily even points to "Macron's angry blow 


The law on global security is turning into a political crisis


Le Figaro



According to this newspaper, “ 

the pataquès provoked by [this] law […] testifies to a certain amateurism, as worrying as it is ridiculous, which has nothing to envy of the Socialists.

The failure is total.

This scribbling work turns the majority, including government, upside down

 , ”regrets

Le Figaro.

Haro on section 24

All the more so as the creation of a commission to rewrite article 24 of this law has sown discord among parliamentarians, up to and including within the group of Macronist deputies.

And this Saturday morning,

Le Figaro

does not mince words to express all the " 


 " he finds in this " 

famous article 24


The said article is “ 

unnecessary, because the existing legislation is sufficient to condemn those who attack the police.

It is awkward, because it can be interpreted as a questioning of the right to inform,

continues this newspaper.

It was made incomprehensible, because the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin said everything and its opposite on the subject.

It falls, finally, at the worst time, because a police blunder of incredible violence has been in the news for 48 hours,


Le Figaro


Opponents of this bill are called upon to demonstrate both in Paris and elsewhere, such as in Lyon, in the center-south-east of France, where " 

several thousand people 

" are expected in the city center " 

to say no

 ”to this law, states the local daily

Le Progrès.


 Power finds itself in a trap which should lead it to give up,

 " predicts


And this for two reasons, explains this daily newspaper: because the “ 


 ” reigns, first;

because “

 the indignation provoked by [this] hyper violent and racist aggression […] no longer allows the serenity of debates on such sensitive subjects

 ”, then.

Especially since " 

without images, without freedom to inform, the abuses of the police force would have been passed over in silence

 ", underlines


France-Rwanda, battle of history at the Commission

It is also the discord within the commission responsible for examining the archives on the role of France in Rwanda between 1990 and 1994. The researcher Julie d'Andurain was well excluded.

This historian, " 

it is indeed the Ministry of the Armed Forces which appointed her

 " to this commission, states



Created last year and composed of fifteen researchers having for the first time access to all the archives of the Republic, the said commission on the role of France in Rwanda in 1994 is chaired by historian Vincent Duclert.

Since the revelation by

Le Canard Enchaîné

 of a notice written by Julie d'Andurain, defending the military operation " 


" deployed by France in Rwanda in 1994, the commission has been strongly criticized.

According to


, the historian who " 

defends Turquoise and creates discomfort [...] was excluded from the commission 

", contrary to the statements of its president, Vincent Duclert having affirmed that Julie d'Andurain would have


from itself from the commission at the end of August.

This daily considers that " 

the Andurain affair seems in any case to have alienated from it the support of those who reduce" the honor of France "to the unconditional defense of" Turquoise "and who now denounce" a Stalinist purge


aimed at the historian.


Bring me the head of Sébastien Thoen

No discord, however, at Canal +.

Sébastien Thoen, a house humorist who made the mistake of participating in a parody of a CNews program, was dismissed by the group that owns this television channel.

It was the daily L'Equipe that revealed this dismissal.


The Canal + group has decided to terminate Sébastien Thoen's contract.

The comedian […] was dismissed following his participation in a sketch put online […] by the betting site Winamax

 ”, and now by many sites (such as


for example


No more laughing

 ", launches


, referring to this video parodying the program "L'Heure des pros", the flagship program of the CNews news channel.

We do not joke with " 

L'Heure des pros", enhances Liberation,

stressing that this


video had conquered a large audience, but

"not the group led by Vincent Bolloré 

" (the Canal + group, in this case) .

About Sébastien Thoen, the newspaper

Le Parisien

, which quotes an employee of Canal +, writes that it is this same Vincent Bolloré who would have " 

asked for his head

 ", reports the site



Esprit Canal, are you there?


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