Actor Choi Cheol-ho confessed that it was because of his livelihood that he showed his face on the broadcast after 10 years.

Choi Cheol-ho recently delivered the latest news through a monthly magazine Woman Sense and pictorial shooting and interview.

Regarding his life so far, he said that his life has gone so far as to sell the trophies he received at the acting awards.

Choi Cheol-ho, who was loved as a personality group actor while active in the dramas'Night Age','Queen of Housewives', and'Dong-i', disappeared from the broadcasting industry after being engulfed in controversy over assaulting a female junior at a drinking party in 2010.

Regarding the assault incident at the time, Choi Chul-ho said, "I was proud of the idea that I had succeeded as an actor," and "My actions at the time were too shameless and shameful."

Choi Cheol-ho surprised many people by revealing his status as a daily worker in the distribution center through a recent broadcast.

It was because of his livelihood that he decided to appear on the broadcast after about 10 years.

Choi Chul-ho said, "It was a big impact on the admission fee. I decided to appear on the show because I could receive more money than the daily rate of the distribution center. I also thought it would be okay to show the public that I am working hard at the place where I am."

He confessed that he had even considered extreme choices due to the difficulty of living.

Choi Cheol-ho said, "I cleaned my house because of debt and stayed away from my family for a while at a local motel. I drank every day and thought about extreme choices," he said. "I couldn't end my life because my family would become more painful."

Choi Cheol-ho recently appeared in the movie ``Yoga Academy: The Kundalini of Death''. 

(Reporter Jihye Kim, SBS Entertainment News)