In this picture is the winner of "Koh-Lanta" (it's not Denis) -

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Lost in the Fijian forest, Dorian confided to

20 Minutes that

he felt “alone in the world” during the orientation test.

Even if it will not bring him victory (and the 100,000 euros that go with it), the SNCF controller can console himself by telling himself that he was not so neglected during his research.

In front of their post, 6.31 million faithful followed the fourteenth episode of


this Friday, according to Médiamétrie figures published by



The first part of the final therefore largely beats its previous record dating from four weeks ago, set at 5.8 million viewers.

A peak audience of 7.1 million curious was even recorded by TF1.

Between the crushing victory of Loïc, the feint of Alexandra who sits on the beacon so that Lola does not find her and Dorian's wanderings for hours, the orientation test has kept all its promises.

Side audiences, the episode of

Koh-Lanta is

therefore in the lead, far ahead of the return of the detective series

César Wagner

with Gil Alma, which convinced 4.27 million people on France 2. A score down to 600,000 faithful by report to the pilot release last January.

M6 is on the third step of the podium with an unreleased episode of season 17 of


, followed by a rerun.

The Adventures of Gibbs have been followed by 2.77 million fans.


"I have already won a little" Koh-Lanta "in my own way", estimates Lola, eliminated in orientation


“When I got home, I told my relatives that they were going to be disappointed,” says Dorian.

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