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The diary of the late Alan Rickman will be published in 2022. For more than 25 years, the actor has written down his thoughts until he left 27 handwritten volumes that he wanted to see appear and the publisher Canongate decided to acquire the rights.

When he began writing in the 1990s, the actor had already forged a solid reputation in the theater and in the cinema and the public especially remembers him for the gallery of villains he has embodied throughout. his career.

From the sardonic Hans Gruber in

Crystal Trap

(1988) to the hateful Sheriff of Nottingham in the


Robin Hood

, the youngest know him mostly as Severus Snape (Snape in the original version), the ambiguous potions teacher of the

Harry Potter



He also marked romantic spirits in

Love Actually


Alan Rickman's world

So what should we expect to find in this abundant journal written until his death in 2016?

In addition to reflections on his life and career, Alan Rickman seems not to have been stingy in anecdotes if we are to believe a statement from the publisher relayed by the



Alan Rickman's 27 volumes of diaries to be published as one book

- Guardian Books (@GuardianBooks) November 21, 2020

“More than anything, his diary reveals the real Alan Rickman, funny, passionate, sometimes provocative, and gives a fresh look at his art.

He wrote his journal as a chat with a close friend.

These pages provide very accurate tables: concise paragraphs that give an overview and an intriguing look at him, his peers and the world around him, ”Canongate announces.


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